Night Court Recap for 4/11/2023

Night Court Recap for 4/11/2023

NIGHT COURT -- “Past Apps” Episode 111 -- Pictured: John Larroquette as Dan Fielding -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC/Warner Bros. Television)

Night Court Recap for 4/11/2023

The episode opens with Abby, Olivia, Neil and Dan working on yet another case. This one involves nudity, a drag show and an arranged marriage dating app, the latter of which seems to interest everyone the most.


Later on, the gang debates whether or not the app actually works, with Dan being snarky about the whole thing since he is anti-social media. Gurgs tries to sell Instachair, an Uber for chairs, but no one is interested, except for Abby, who convinces her to change the app name to CharBNB.


Neil tries to get the app to set him up with Abby, but he keeps being told to get a cat. Gurgs also tells him it is inappropriate. Olivia, for her part, tries to find a match of her own.


Abby and Rand FaceTime. She tells him about her case, which turns out to possibly be a fraud case. However, it is in a sealed file she was not supposed to see. Rand tries to pitch his own app for pairing bread and jam.


Dan comes in and interrupts the conversation. He has ideas for app investors, leaving Abby in a dilemma and Rand thinking Dan should not go forward with ‘tying fish together.’


During lunch, Abby tries to distract everyone with videos to prevent Dan from sharing his ideas. However, Dan is bursting at the seams to share it and help out Brock the app dude. Olivia is still mooning over her guy. Dan assumes everyone will work with him, but Abby refuses by saying she hates money….even ripping up a dollar.

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Dan goes to talk to talk to Abby, but she cannot say why he cannot invest with Brock. He convinces her he can find out the truth with a few simple questions. He manages to get the truth out of her, but still wants to invest to get money of his own.


Later on, everyone is on board to invest in Brocks app….minus Abby who brings one of Brock’s victims to convince him not to invest. Neil gets stuck on the slide, while Olivia epically fails at flirting and Gurgs pushes her own app.


Dan ends up hitting it off with Esther….even convincing her that Brock might be a good guy now.


Abby gets Brock’s file unsealed, so she is legally allowed to talk about his fraud. Dan convinces her to keep quiet,but word gets out at the wrong time.  He admits to wrongdoing and says the people he scammed will get a piece of his new company…..except Esther and the gang. Olivia is upset because she thought they were Luke and Leia, once again epically failing at flirting and using incorrect sci-fi knowledge.


Later on, Dan complains about everything to Abby. Olivia says Mark Zuckerberg bought his app for two billion and she got a match on said app. Dan walks through a glass door.


Gurg continues to sell chairs on her app and lets it slip that Neil is in love with her as the episode comes to a close.



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