The Amazing Race recap for January 10, 2018


It is week two of season 30 of The Amazing Race and the remaining teams are ready for their next adventure. This week sends them to Amsterdam and Antwerp, Belgium.

Kristi is sick, but powers through the race.

Stop one: Chocolate shop! Who doesn’t like chocolate? This would be  dream come true for me! anyway, they get there and receive their next clue, which happens to be the roadblock! How these people don’t get distracted by the chocolatey goodness is beyond me. I’d want to eat everything in that store.

Roadblock: They have to climb up a ladder dangling from a structure in order to get their next clue. Maybe it is a good thing they didn’t indulge in all that chocolate. I would have bred from being that high in the air.

Detour: The choices are Old Print, which has the teams use a printing press to print out the clue) or Diamond Glint, or appraising and calculating the value of three different diamonds. The teams all choose the one they want and try to complete.

Truthfully, the detour and roadblocks are boring to watch, so I kind of zoned out.

Pit Stop: They do a French Fry race, which leads them to the mat. The Belgiums apparently invented French Fries, and now I want to make some for myself because they spend five minutes talking about it. They are also dressed as French Fries.


1st place: Cody & Jessica—with a prize of $2,500 each!!!

2nd place: Cedric & Shawn

3rd place: Kristi & Jen

4th place: Trevor & Chris

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5th place: Alex & Conor

6th place: Lucas & Brittany

7th place: Joey & Tim

8th place: Henry & Evan

9th place: Eric & Daniel

10th place: April & Sarah—Eliminated—

More next week! Stay tuned!

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