The Bachelor: Recap for January 8, 2018


This is week two of Arie’s journey on The Bachelor. The dates begin this week, which will give him  a chance to know the ladies, both one on one and in a group setting. 

Date 1: Becca K, aka Becca with the long hair, gets the first one on one date. They go on a motorcycle and end up at another mansion with what looks like an amazing meal and champagne. Rachel Zoe greets them to give her the Pretty Woman treatment.

Okay, I am going to be honest. I’ve only seen that movie once, and I never thought it was as great as people made it out to be. I also never liked the idea of a  huge shopping spree. I am one of those girls who isn’t into shopping (maybe because my body type makes it a pain to shop!) so for me, it would be boring.

Anyway, she gets a ton of free clothes from Rachel and jewelry from Neil Lane’s people. They kiss and she is one smitten kitten.

At dinner, they talk and enjoy each others’ company.  She gets a rose and there is more kissing.

Also? That dress she is wearing looks like it was made from a broken, recycled weather balloon.

Date 2: Krystal’s date involves her going to his old stomping grounds. He gives her a tour of his town, including his high school, where he had his first kiss and then it is off to his house. They look at old pictures and she thinks this could be her life.

The two then go to his parent’s house, which is basically an abbreviated version of a hometown date.

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At dinner, she talks about how her parents split when she was a kid and she had to be mom to her brother, who ended up living on the streets in Venice. He was also attacked during that time, which completely broke her heart.

She gets a rose and they kiss.

Date 3: Seinne, Valerie, Tia, Kendall, Maquel, Marikh, Jenna, Caroline, Bekah, Lauren G., Chelsea, Annaliese, Brittany, Jenny, and Bibiana are on this date, thank you Reality Steve for help in keeping this straight.

This is a demolition derby date, where the girls decorate their cars and race. This date brings back bad memories for Annaliese, who had a got hurt playing bumper cars.

The derby is kind of boring to watch, however, as the old saying goes, it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Brittany ends up injured and being taken away.

Seinne wins the derby and then it is off to the after party, where the drama begins.

Chelsea is the first to steal him and apologizes for being mysterious. She admits she is a single mom and he says he is okay with that…and they kiss.

When she tells the girls about her time with him, they remind her that she isn’t the only one who gave up a lot for the show.

Sienna is a Yale graduate? That is impressive.

The other girls get time with Arie, which pisses off Bibiana, who feels ignored. Has she even seen the show? This is what happens, she should have tried to get time with him instead of complaining. She runs off in a huff.

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Sienna gets the rose.

House During Dates: One of the other girls is glad she didn’t get the motorcycle date because she was afraid she was going to die or something. I don’t know what she was babbling about because it makes no sense.

Brittany talks about being the first to kiss Arie and his lips are like pillows. The girls act like this is a slumber party, which is a refreshing change from the drama.

Cocktail Party: Brittany is back and gets the ‘Most Hardcore’ award from Arie.

Arie spends time talking to and kissing all the girls….even Krystal, who already has a rose. This does not sit well with the other girls.

Bibiana still feels anxious over the whole situation. It doesn’t help that Krystal gets the time that she wanted with Arie. She finally talks to him and Krystal interrupts…again!

Is some girl seriously playing Truth or Dare with him?


Everyone is mad at Krystal for taking more time with Arie….to the point where Bibiana calls her out nd tells her everyone is pissed.

Rose Ceremony: Maquel, Jacqueline, Bekah M, Jenna, Chelsea, Lauren S, Tia, Annaliese, Lauren B, Kendall, Brittany, Ashley, Marikh, Caroline and Bibiana all get roses.

Jenny, Valerie and Lauren G. are all sent home. Jenny is so upset that she barely even says goodbye.

More next week! Stay tuned!

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