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Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/20/2023

By Sammi Turano Aug 27, 2023
Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/20/2023

Kids Baking Championship Recap for 2/20/2023

-We are at the final four! I feel like this season just began.

-Tonight’s challenge: Making over the top cookies! Each cookie must be the same size and have the same amount of toppings/frosting and also look the same.  They also must make two types of cookies—four dozen in total.


Cookie flavors:

Genevieve: Chocolate chip and peanut butter.

Naiel: Rose cardamom and chocolate hazelnut.

Naho: Caramel and tiramisu.

Sohan: Lavender lemon and cardamom.


TWIST! Incorporate a tea flavor into the cookies.


-Genevieve gets chai and adds it to the buttercream for her peanut butter cookies. She has to make more dough because she doesn’t have enough dough.

-Sohan adds hibiscus to his lemon cookies instead of the lavender.

-Naho gets matcha and adds it to her sugar cookie, which will replace the tiramisu.

-Naiel has Earl Grey tea but has problems with how to add it to his cookies. He finally decides to add it to the buttercream topping.

-Genevieve runs out of buttercream and must rush to make more. This gives her no time to make her ganache, so she gets very upset. Valerie comes over to give her a big hug.



Naiel: The rose cardamom with buttercream and pistachio and rose cardamom cookie has a ton of different flavors mixed in, but still manages to be subtle. The hazelnut chocolate toffee is delicious.

Genevieve: The chocolate chip bacon cookie is lacking toppings, but the peanut butter cereal cookie with Swiss cream is consistent. Both taste amazing, though.

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Naho: The caramel bit cookies with bacon, cinnamon, caramel and buttercream is impressive and the matcha meringue cookie with strawberry is delicious.

Sohan: His hibiscus lemon cookie with butter cream and lemon gelee is super tart and the cardamom pistachio cookie is fantastiv and buttery.


-Naho and Naiel are the top bakers of the day, with Naho winning the challenge. They are both in the finale.


-Genevieve and Sohan are in the bottom two, with Genevieve going home.


-Finale next week, stay tuned!



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By Sammi Turano

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