Masterchef Recap for 8/23/2023

Masterchef Recap for 8/23/2023

Masterchef Recap for 8/23/2023

-This week, everyone is cooking as individuals and no longer competing as regions. Anyone in any region can be up for elimination.

-The mystery box contains military/camping rations, and they will need to make a meal out of it.

-Chef Andre Rush is there as a guest judge. He and Chef Ramsay demonstrate how to use the rations in a dish.

-Those who were on the winning team last week get first pick of proteins, while the losing team must pick from what is left over.

-Everyone quickly gets to work, with Kolby quickly getting overwhelmed.

-Charles struggles with making sure his dish isn’t too spicy or salty, causing him to freak out.

-The judges walk around, offering commentary and checking out everyone’s progress.

-It seems like everyone is struggling tonight. Either they are having trouble with the rations, or their dishes are complete disasters.


Top Three Dishes

-Grant: He makes cracker crusted amberjack with gnocchi, using the energy drink mix, lentil puree, crackers and hash browns from the box. The judges are blown away with the deliciousness of the dish.

-Kolby: His pork meatballs were cooked with peas, tomatoes, crackers, applesauce, lemon lime drink mix and peanuts from the box. The meatballs are moist, juicy and full of flavor.

-Brynn: Her scallops are cooked with lentils, tomatoes, peas, peanuts, lemon lime powder, hash browns and crackers.

Grant wins and gets the immunity pin!

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Three Worst Dishes

-Charles: His halibut is cooked with the jam, peanuts and lentils. It is dry and a complete mess.

-Nina: Her chicken tikka masala with lentils, strawberry jam and lemon lime mix is a disaster and way too acidic.

-Wayne: His rack of lamb with lentils, strawberry jam and hashbrowns looks disgusting and is severely undercooked.

Nina is eliminated!


Hour Two!

-This is a tag team challenge! They will all need to recreate a filet mignon dish with pasta and sticky toffee pudding.

-Grant puts together the teams: Wayne and Reagan, Kennedy and James, Sav and MD, Charles and Jen, Kolby and Lizzie and Brynn and Grant.

– The teams will begin with one cooking and switching when they are told to by the judges. The winning team will both get immunity pins and put in the top ten.

-Let the cooking begin! There is a lot of stress in the kitchen….and the judges aren’t helping by offering their commentary.

-Charles and Jen seem to struggle and fall farther and farther behind.

-Kennedy and James are struggling with their pasta being too oily.

-Before long, time is up and the judges must taste each dish. They give the pros and cons of each one, offering commentary along the way.

-Kolby and Lizzie and MD and Sav are the top dishes, with MD and Save winning immunity AND getting into the top ten!

-The other teams are in the bottom, with Charles getting eliminated.

More next week, stay tuned!

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