Outchef’d Highlights for 6/29/2023

Outchef'd Highlights for 6/29/2023


-This week is professional chef Robert Irvine vs. IT sales worker Mike Ryan.

-They have 45 minutes to cook their dishes. Mike needs only one vote to win $5000.

-The star ingredient of the dish? Ostrich! This stresses Mike out because he has never cooked with it before.

-Robert makes ostrich meatballs with mashes potatoes and veggies.

-Mike makes ostrich au poivre with shoestring fries and veggies.

-All the while, Mike’s family and best friend watch, commenting on how he is doing, while Eddie Jackson looks for judges on the streets.

-Mike begins to feel the pressure and it effects his performance. His loved ones worry that he might cave under pressure.

-Before long, time is up….and it is time for the judges to taste the food.

-The judges give the pros and cons of each dish and vote.

-Chef Robert gets three votes, while Mike gets one vote….and $5000. He also gets an autographed apron from Chef Robert.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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