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Masterchef Recap for 5/31/2023

Masterchef Recap for 5/31/2023

-Graham Elliott is back to judge the Midwestern contestants. It is so good to see him back….his personality is contagious.

-Each contestant has 45 minutes to cook a dish good enough to earn an apron and move on to the next round.

-First up is Grant, who used cooking as an outlet during his divorce. He makes roasted corn agnolini, which is a throwback to his childhood. He makes some mistakes with mixing the butter and lemon, but despite Joe’s protests, he gets an apron.

-Sarah is a stay-at-home mom that makes a chicken, cashew and gravy dish near and dear to her heart. The dish is a mixed bag, especially when it comes to the sauce being bland, but she ends up with an apron.

-Kevin struggles with making the tortillas for his taco, which costs him an apron. He is encouraged to return next year for another chance to compete.

-Yomira’s homemade pasta is simple, but fails to impress. She is sent home.

-Marquila’s filet mignon with peppercorn sauce also fails to impress, so she is sent home as well.

-Charles amok with catfish is very spicy, but delicious, earning him an apron…..but he is not allowed to do Chef Ramsay’s hair because he is competing.

-Wayne’s venison filet is a runaway hit and gets him an apron.

-Kyle’s seared porkchop is well-liked by the judges.

-Trevor’s chicken roulade is a bit dry, but the rest of the dish is delicious.

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-The final guy to get the apron is…….Kyle!!

-More next week, stay tuned!

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