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Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 21, 2018

Welcome to another episode of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS. On Sunday, Metta was evicted, alliances were shifted and it was time for a new HOH competition.

The first part of the show, however, is unseen footage from the pre-eviction talks. Mark, Ross, Marissa and James are now the #RoomieSquad, Marissa is also playing for the girls’ alliance and Metta whines about wanting to go home. That pretty much wastes fifteen minutes.

Now it seems like everyone is playing both sides of the game. Ari and Brandi want to get rid of James, while it seems like Ross is wanting to get rid of Omarosa.

HOH competition! It is a red carpet ride, where they have to race on a wobbly red carpet and ring a buzzer. The top three people then compete against each other.  The person who finishes  in the fastest time wins HOH.

It is pretty boring to watch and Ross decides to throw the competition because he doesn’t have to make a decision.

Mark, James and Brandi are in the top three, with Mark winning HOH. Omarosa figures out it is because James threw it because he has a final two deal with Mark.

Marissa is worried so she thinks she has to paint a target elsewhere, which of course means throwing Omarosa under the bus…..again. Everyone agrees she has to go, but Mark thinks backdooring her will be a better plan.

Omarosa tells some stories about working with the President and it is actually quite cute to see her get to excited.

Brandi calls the guys out on their plan, causing a fight between her and Mark. Omarosa thinks this will cause Brandi to get evicted, while Ari wants her to be quiet so she is not alone in the house.

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Mark nominates Brandi and Ari to break up their alliance. James is thrilled Brandi may be leaving and she thinks that her nomination is James’s fault.

More Friday, Stay tuned!

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By Sammi Turano

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