Stars on Mars Recap for 6/19/2023

Stars on Mars Recap for 6/19/2023

STARS ON MARS: L-R: Marshawn Lynch and Ronda Rousey on STARS ON MARS airing Monday, June 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Brook Rushton/FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC.

Stars on Mars Recap for 6/19/2023

-Everyone, especially Richard, seems to be feeling overwhelmed with the mission.

-Seeing Ronda talk to her family and break down made me cry. It was such a sweet moment and it’s so obvious that she loves her baby.

-They now have a dog named Marisha who is chasing Porsha.

-Lance and Tinashe have to walk the dog.  During the walk, he wants her to follow him on Instagram. She promises to do so when they go back to Earth.

-Tom eating hot food and saying his ass will be okay (when asked!) is the Schwartziest thing that could ever happen.

-Adam and Ariel seem to be bonding in such a sweet way. He is helping her find the confidence she needs in this mission.

-Shatty Daddy is in the house! It is time to choose a new base commander and the job goes to….Tinashe. Most people initially wanted Ariel, but she did not feel ready.

-I am glad Tinashe was able to get the base commander room despite Marshawn still wanting it.

-Tom, Ariel and Adam are on clean up duty, Natasha and Ronda are harvesting veggies and Marshawn and Richard are on workout duty.

-I like how everyone seems to be working together and getting along. Ronda and Natasha to be especially bonding.

-FIRE IN BIO DOME!! Porsha is asleep, so they all go to wake her as they escape and avoid the explosion.

-The Hab pressure is damaged but is able to be secured with minimal damage….or was it?

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-Shatty Daddy is back!! The food supply and Bio Dome were destroyed and need to be repaired…..and this will test who will be considered mission critical. This will test their survival skills and get them the survival badge.

-Ariel will be the mission specialist. Porsha and Lance will climb the ladder with Richard and Marshawn holding the ladders. They have 25 minutes to complete the mission and make sure the plants are restored so they have food.

-The Bio Dome is sealed! Everything seems to be a success.

-Now it is time for phase two….which is the farm phase. Everything is a mess. They have 30 minutes to complete their portion of the mission, which is mixing septic waste with soil so they can get more plants.

-Poor Natasha looks like she is going to be sick.

-The mission is complete!

-The bottom three crew members are Marshawn, Richard and Natasha.

-The one going home is Richard, who decided to vote himself out. Ronda is taking this especially hard.

-Alliances are forming…making everything more tense.

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