ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for 11/24/2022

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for 11/24/2022

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap for 11/24/2022

In a special Thanksgiving episode of Fox’s Lego Masters, the remaining teams must build a Marvel themed scene. Brendan and Greg will have one last chance to use their Golden Brick for immunity.


The teams get started and choose their scenes to replicate. Dave and Emily seem to be making a mess, which worries Will. However, they both assure him that there is a method to their madness.


Liam and Emily need to add colors to their Captain Marvel build in order to make it pop and the 3D work out better. They try to figure out the best way to make it work, but keep falling further and further behind.


Nick and Stacey also face their own struggles. They have a complicated water design they want to do, but it is hard to execute. They also disagree on how to do the build, which complicates matters further.


We also learn that one of the Stephens did a firefighter calendar.


As every team works, Will, Amy and Jamie work together to make sure that they are doing okay and to give advice and voice concerns.



Before long, it is time to present the builds. Liam and Emily are upset because they didn’t finish.


Brendan and Greg are safe, thanks to the Golden Brick.


One by one, each team presents their build.


Dave and Emily have a Guardian of the Galaxy Volume 2 scene, which shows Drax front and center and ready to jump into the mouth.

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The Stephens have a Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of MAdness scene, which has the bus suspended off the ground, the sparks and incredible attention to detail.


Brendan and Greg have a Thor Ragnarok theme, which has a bit too much detail, but perfectly captured perfectly.


Nick and Stacye have a Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings theme, which has too much negative space, but the build is incredible.


Liam and Emily present their Captain Marvel build, but despite the missile being done well, it still falls short due to it being unfinished.


Emily and Dave and the Stephens are the top two, with the Stephens winning the challenge.


This leaves Emily and Liam and Nick and Stacey in the bottom two, with Liam and Emily going home.


More next week, stay tuned!



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