ICYMI: Bob Hearts Abishola Paris is for Lovers, Not Mothers

The episode opens with Bob (Billy Gardell) giving Abishola (Folake Olowfoyeku) a cup of chamomile tea with honey. He wants to know why she isn’t wearing her ring and asks if she is holding out a better deal. He jokes that the ring keeps men from sniffing around her, which she thinks is disgusting. She asks what he wears to keep women from sniffing around him and he says his ratty mustache does the job.


The topic switches to him asking if she wants to go out to dinner to celebrate their engagement. She wants to know why he wants to go out and he thinks it will be nice for them and says she can wear something sexy. She thinks he wants men sniffing around her, but he says that once the other men see her ring, they will be crushed. She says he is crazy and he responds by saying she is the wackjob marrying him.


Kemi (Gina Yashere) is in bed when Chukwuemeka (Tony Tambi) comes in with grapes. She said she wanted ice cream, but it turns out his mom ate the rest of it. She says her name was on it, but allows him to feed her the grapes. He mentions that his mother’s 70th birthday is coming up and he is taking her to Paris. Kemi says it is her dream to go there too and gets upset when he tells her that she is not included in the trip. She yells at him and tells her to keep feeding her grapes.


Abisohla and Gloria (Vernee Watson) tell Kemi that it is nice that Chukwuemeka is taking his mother to Paris. Kemi disagrees and says Paris is for lovers, not mothers. Gloria says it is a nice place for a honeymoon, and asks if Bob speaks French. Kemi says that he barely speaks English and continues to complain about Chukwuemeka. The ladies make it clear that they disagree with her, but lie to her to make her feel better by saying her wig looks good and Chukwuemeka is wrong and doesn’t deserve her.

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Douglas (Matt Jones) is playing with a virtual reality game when Bob walks in, telling him that he is taking Abishola out. This means Douglas needs to take care of their mom and exchange cars for the night. Douglas explains how to drive it and promises he can take care of their mom with no issues. He says if worse comes to worse, he has 911 on speed dial…..accidentally dialing it. He quickly says there are no hostages and then ends up hitting on the 911 lady.


Kofo (Anthony Okungbowa) and Goodwin (Bayo Akinfemi) are in the break room. Kofo is upset over Christina and her new boyfriend. He is carrying around a rock that the boyfriend threw at him, only to find out it is poop. The guys talk about the spell Christina seems to have on Kofo and decide to defeat her magic with their own, either by their great grandmother or a video on YouTube.


Kemi and Abishola are heading home on the bus when Kemi receives a text from Chukwuemeka’s mom eating a croissant. This upsets Kemi because she thinks she is taunting her. Abishola says that is not the case and goes to leave the bus. However, Kemi is still upset and goes home with her, saying she can help her do her nails for her date.


Bob has Douglas’s Corvette and tries to get out, only to get stuck and eventually fall out. A man with a dog asks if he is okay. Bob asks if he is going to help or watch and the guy says he is going to watch.

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Kemi does Abishola’s nails and continues to complain about Chukwuemeka’s mom. She admits to having terrible thoughts about her, including poisoning her with shellfish. This gets her a scolding from Abishola.


Kofo and Goodwin do a spell that involves candles and Kofo’s head being washed. Goodwin says a prayer he found on YouTube and says the next part gets weird.


Douglas drives Dottie (Christine Ebersole) home and says that he is driving Miss Dottie. She asks if he has seen that movie and he asks what movie. The conversation switches to him getting a title bump at work and Dottie sarcastically asks if he wants to be Archduke or Emperor of HR. She says Douglas needs to earn the title and work harder, causing him to threaten to quit. She then asks him what else is new.


Bob and Abishola are in Douglas’s car. He asks about her day, but she doesn’t want to talk because of her time with Kemi. He asks if she wants to know about his day and she says he can tell her if he must. The topic then switches to dinner, where he says they don’t have to do anything fancy if she doesn’t want to. She tells him to pick where they eat, which leads to them eating at a food truck. He orders a ton of food and then asks what she wants.


Kemi has dinner with Tunde (Barry Shabaka Henley) and Olu (Shola Adewusi) and is still complaining about Chukwuemeka’s mother. Olu says she will never win if she takes her on and that she is as mean as a snake. Tunde says they call her Sweetie Pie at church in an ironic way.


Olu tells Kemi she needs to be more like Chukwuemeka’s mom than she is, which Kemi thinks is unnatural.

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Douglas puts Dottie to bed and apologizes for overreacting. She accepts it, but says he needs to earn his new title and a raise. She wants him to work on the warehouse floor, but he thinks that is hard. She says this will give him a new respect for the job and the company, especially now that he will be earning minimum wage. She then has him kiss her goodnight.


Bob and Abishola enjoy their food, with Bob saying how the place got him though hard times, such as losing his dad and his divorce. She says she could have used a place like this after her husband left and, with Bob’s encouragement, opens up. She then says she is engaged and tries to show off her ring, but Bob says not to do it because they are not in a great neighborhood.


Christina (Maribeth Monroe) goes into the break room to apologize to Kofo, but they end up kissing. Kofo wakes up from the dream and says that he is still bewitched, so Goodwin goes to get the soap.


Kemi goes to see Chukwuemeka, dressed like his mother and wearing her favorite perfume. He goes to give her gifts and refers to her as mummy. She looks horrified as the episode comes to an end.

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