The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Gets Married Snark and Highlights

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Gets Married Snark and Highlights

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Gets Married Snark and Highlights

-They are making this wedding look like it is as major as every Royal Wedding, Luke and Laura’s wedding and those celebrity wedding specials they had in the early 2000s combined. (Remember those specials for Melissa Joan Hart, Jessica Simpson, Adriane Curry etc.? I know I watched every single one in college….as well as Trista and Ryan’s wedding from the Bachelorette.)

-Gabriella’s hair looks so pretty dark. It makes her eyes really pop.

-I don’t mind that this is Teresa’s second wedding and she wants to celebrate. However, who NEEDS all this crap at any wedding? Pre-party drinks, a rehearsal dinner, all these bells and whistles… seems so extra.

-Jen is right, there aren’t always happy endings, but Dolores is also right, Joe should be there for his sister. Not taking sides in this fiasco, but it breaks my heart they couldn’t put their differences aside for one day.

-I think I spent less on all four degrees I got than they did on this wedding.

-Now we are at the wedding. What in the world are these face masks? I assume it’s the 2023 version of a mud mask……but does it work? I need more information!

-Jen giving Teresa the charm with her parents’ picture to wear made me cry…..that was so sweet.

-Wait, what happened with Gabriella?

-Okay, if a CHILD is saying STOP IT and not to talk about something, YOU FUCKING STOP IT AND SHUT UP!!!

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-How does Teresa not have the migraine from hell with that hairstyle and crown? I am getting a migraine just looking at it. But….it’s Teresa and Teresa is gonna Teresa.

-93 degrees at the wedding….these poor guests….who are outside. UGH!!

-Phaedra! Dorinda! Jill! Ashley! How does Teresa know them? From Bravo events?

-Ave Maria! I love this song!

-Margaret snarking about doves flying out of Teresa’s hair sent me into fit of giggles. Danielle saying God is looking up at Teresa because of her hair nearly killed me.

-Frankie is at the wedding! That is a surprise. However, him filming it on his iPhone is adorable.

-Chanel is there too? That is a huge surprise….but a happy one.


-I thought this was supposed to be three episodes? What more can they show at this point? We are only 45 minutes into episode one!

-The food at this wedding looks delightful! Take it from me, Italians know how to do food at a wedding.

-Margaret, stop bringing up Melissa and Joe, they made a choice. Leaving and making others leave over the drama is just rude.

-Dolores is being the voice of reason….as per usual.

-The Gorga social media posts are so gross.

-This reception entertainment is….a choice.

-Seeing Teresa’s daughters react to the wedding is actually very sweet.

-That was it? I thought this was supposed to be a three-part special.

-Eh, reunion next week…..stay tuned!

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