Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/22/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/22/2023

Bob Hearts Abishola Recap for 5/22/2023

The episode opens with Bob showing off an old suit for a meeting, saying he refuses to buy a new full price suit. Abishola pumps him up for the meeting, but then switches the topic to getting into medical school. He kisses her and wishes her luck as she leaves.


Max shows up to give Bob a pep talk, even though he claims he is fine. He tells him something is wrong, which Bob says he knows.


At MaxDot, Bob talks to Christina, Kofo, Goodwin, Dottie and Douglas via video chat to fill them in about what will happen once Abishola is in medical school. He has issues with the computer, causing him to be frustrated. The more he talks, the more he realizes he is stressed out over the possibility of going to Baltimore…..via Max. The video chat gives him more issues and Max finally makes him realize he doesn’t actually want to go to Baltimore.


Kemi runs to Gloria and Abishola to say her cousin’s daughter got her Johns Hopkins acceptance letter. Abishola has not gotten her letter yet. The ladies check her junk folder, but it is not there either. They try to make her feel better, but no avail.


Bob, Ebun and Dele look for a new house in Baltimore, with Ebun wanting something extravagant. Abishola is feeling overwhelmed, but claims it is because she wants what is best for Dele. He says he found a school he likes already and thinks he is a shoo-in.

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Tunde and Olu enjoy cookies and tea when Abishola comes over to check the mail. She is hoping to find the acceptance letter, but claims she is waiting for a credit card statement.


Morenike is there, ready for a job interview. Abishola tries to give her a pep talk that it will work out the way it is meant to be, but they laugh at her for thinking there is a possibility of failure.


Max still tries to talk to Bob about Baltimore and he finally admits he doesn’t want to move. Abishola comes home with fast food….but won’t share. She is upset because she didn’t get into Johns Hopkins. Bob comforts her, while Max says things worked out in his favor.


Abishola is depresses at work, but Kemi and Gloria don’t have much sympathy. When she leaves, they realize they need to build her up, but don’t know how, especially when she still feels sorry for herself when she comes back. Gloria finally gives her a pep talk, which Kemi pretends to support, but then tells her she failed.


Bob brings Abishola tea and treats, but she is still upset. He gives her a pep talk and makes her see she has a lot to be grateful for in life. Max tries to help him through the pep talk and tells him to stop when Bob says that he is glad they are staying due to the company. Bob and Abishola fight and she storms off.


Christina and Kofo do a presentation for Bob, but he wants to talk about it later. He kicks them both out, especially when they act all flirty. Max thinks that they are going to get together, but then continues to talk to Bob about the Abishola situation. He makes him see things in a different light, giving him something to think about.

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Abishola tells Ebun about not getting into Johns Hopkins. Ebun tells her she pushed her because she is so strong and that she is proud of the woman that she has become…..and that there is still hope for the Ivy League for Dele.


The episode ends with Abishola getting Johns Hopkins and the two of them deciding they will figure things out.

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