Sammi’s Favorite Things Friends Edition: The One With The Mugs

Sammi's Favorite Things Friends Edition: The One With The Mugs

Sammi’s Favorite Things Friends Edition: The One With The Mugs

Coffee is one of the best ways to bond with people. Coffee dates, coffee in the office, coffee for shopping trips….it is a universal drink that is perfect for every occasion.

What makes coffee even better is having the perfect mug to drink from. My new favorite is the Central Perk line, which was made to honor the iconic television series Friends. They have several different kinds….including travel mugs (for the Friends on the go), the Boston mug (to honor the first Central Perk location) and even a glass one (for the iced coffee fans). There is even a water bottle for those who prefer a more hydrating beverage. Check out some of my favorites below:


The Boston Mug: This black coffee mug has a lobster doodle and “BOSTON” on one side, with Boston being the location of our first store! I personally own this one and use it quite often….while binge watching the series on Max and enjoying coffee from the Central Perk line. (I love Friendsgiving and Gunther! Espresso, but all of them are delightful!)

The Glass Mug: This is perfect for cold brew (Oh My Gawd!) or iced coffee fans. This mug adorns the iconic Central Perk logo and is perfect for those who like a cooler caffeinated beverage.

The Travel Mug: A Friends fan on the go? Make sure everyone knows your love for the show by carrying around your Central Perk logo mug. Available in a tumbler, traveler, water bottle, and camp version, there is something for everyone who wants their own Central Perk moment all over the world.

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You’re My Lobster: Want to show someone that they are your lobster? There is a mug for that! This adorable piece of Friends history holds 25 oz of your favorite hot beverage and is perfect for sharing with the one you love.


Be sure to pair with your favorite Central Perk Coffee, on sale now at


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