Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Universe

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Universe

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Universe

-Matt wants to have what seems like a reality show over Zoom to get more content and I guess his successor when he is caught? That is a twist I didn’t see coming.

-Matt agrees to meet with Ava and Nathan at the house to discuss the murder….but lures them into their anniversary party. Another plot twist.

-Ruby’s body is now in the trunk of the car.

-Oh, he is recruiting someone for the spinoff. Ava and Nathan think it is messed up, but her asking if he made TikToks with his killer friends was pretty funny.

-Simon crashed the party to talk things out….but Nathan wants nothing to do with him.

-Simon says he wants to fix things after his breakdown and even worked things out with Ruby. Nathan is still not moved….until Ruby’s phone rings from the trunk. He then decides to ‘make up’ with Simon and go inside to warn Ava.

-When they grab the phone, they realize Ruby has been talking to the cops after all….causing them to panic.

-Tori’s speech to Ava and Nathan is so sweet.

-Matt gives them the same blue booties found at Chloe’s crime scene… they can use them to hide Ruby’s body… the pickleball court being fixed.

-The two of them talking about the baby while Nathan digs the grave for Ruby is creepy AF, but at least they admit their fears to each other.

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-This fantasy sequence of Ruby coming back to life to attack Ava and Nathan was hilarious.

-Oh, crap….is Tori the next victim?

-Wait, Matt and Tori are together? I didn’t see that one coming.

-I hope their baby never finds out that their name was chosen when Ava and Nathan were cleaning up after a dead body.

-The season ends with Simon catching them mid-cleanup……what a cliffhanger!


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