Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Survivor

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Survivor

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for The Survivor

-CrimeCon sounds like a blast…..weird, but a blast. I am a true crime fan, so I would totally go.

-Seeing Chloe’s mom talking is heartbreaking, but this is oddly a good way to get her story out there and hopefully bring the killer to justice.

-The Westside Ripper survivor showing up was so unexpected. If I were a survivor, I don’t think I would be able to do something like this.

-Matt denying attacking the survivor and accusing her of riding on his coattails is such gross, narcissistic behavior, which is not surprising coming from him.

-Despite their ups and downs, Ava and Nathan are couples goals…..except, you know, for the whole dealing with a serial killer on their podcast thing.

-Ruby—shush! Dissing the Westside Ripper in front of him (unknowingly) is going to make you the next victim.

-‘Ruby thinks we are having a three-way with the Westside Ripper’ completely sent me.

-I hope they are not setting Ava up to have an affair with Real Estate Dude.

-That was some sexual fantasy with him though…damn!

-Our poor survivor (Dahlia) is in the elevator with her attacker but doesn’t even pay attention to who she is with….and then Nathan blocks her view from Matt…because he doesn’t want to sell his soul for nothing.

-The random bathroom scene with Ava and the older woman really creeped me out.

-Matt going up to Dahlia and talking to her about her attack is next level creepy.

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-She is finally beginning to realize she is face to face with her killer….and it might be too late for her.

-Tom Bateman, say hello to your Critics Choice, Emmy, Golden Globe etc awards….that was some of the best acting I have ever seen.

-I KNEW she was going to end up dead…..but not like that. I guess now we have to wait and see if it was suicide or murder.

-Episode 5 next, stay tuned.

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