Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Who's Next

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Who’s Next

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for Who’s Next

-I know this is intended to be creepy, but Kaley really sells the scared lady in the room with a serial killer while trying to be calm and brave thing. She is awesome as Ava.

-Tom is also incredible at playing a bad guy. I am loving him as Matt….I haven’t really seen him before, but he really sells this character, showing that he is an amazing actor.

-I need a kickboxing class like that…..instructor included.

-Why does Ava have a flip phone in 2023? Unless it was a burner phone and I missed it?

-I wonder if anyone ever thought about making a podcast with a serial killer…..or if it will become a thing after this show.

-Interview With a Serial Killer sounds like a podcast I would listen to, as would the Based On a True Story franchise Matt suggested… the Housewives or Top Gun!

-Killer count: 7 the police know of and at least 20 more.

-‘You can’t come to the Beverly Club and talk about killing people!’ They do stuff like this all the time on General Hospital and no one bats an eye!

-Are Matt and Michelle going to have some sort of love connection (thanks to their kids being friends) or is she going to be victim #8?

-Also, if a serial killer I was making a podcast with made certain demands on what was aired, I think I’d listen so I don’t get killed myself.

-Some of these scenes with Matt, Ava and Nathan make me wonder if they are imagination or dream sequences.

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-Ah! At least one was a dream!

-These frequent diner scenes make me wonder if one of the waitresses will or was a victim….or if something will happen there.

-Matt wanting the world to know he is still an active serial killer via the podcast is disturbing on so many levels.

-How do you warn someone you know that they might be dating a serial killer? Poor Nathan has no clue what to do.

-Nathan freaking out while Ava tries to help him/warn him to alibi was unintentionally funny.

-‘I said Face/Off.’ Alibi used!

-What a cliffhanger…..holy shit to what?

Episode 4 coming soon….stay tuned.

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