Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for BDE

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for BDE

BASED ON A TRUE STORY -- "BDE" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Chris Messina as Nathan -- (Photo by: PEACOCK)

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for BDE

-Seeing Matt with his son, while seeing Chloe the bartender for the first time (and becoming obsessed) is so creepy….especially since that is when he is first contacted by Nathan.

-The other stalker flashbacks leading up to her murder aren’t much better.

-Nathan! Stop antagonizing the potential serial killer!

-Well, that didn’t go as planned, did it, Sparky?

-Ava probably could have done a better job getting Matt to so the podcast.

-I would have liked it better if Mason were the killer.

-Nathan getting questioned about Chloe’s murder is not at all surprising……and to be fair, why would they expect him to remember a random bartender. I doubt I would remember the barista from Starbucks if I were shown a random picture.

-Ava being the voice of reason while Nathan freaks out is oddly cute.

-Ava was so sweet trying to make Nathan seem like he was doing okay, but he didn’t want to hear it…..I get it! When you feel like a failure, you don’t always want to be lifted up.

-This was not the right time for Nathan to walk in on girl talk.

-There is something so odd about a serial killer comparing Goblet of Fire to fatherhood, a test and then using it to threaten someone.

-Ava being taken off her realtor space is so sad.

-Matt more or less admitted to being a killer and threatened Nathan…..but then agreed to do the podcast if they can still throw.

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-Making a podcast with a serial killer leads to office sex…..noted.

-Ava seemed to forget she was pregnant when she offered to get champagne.

-Matt coming to see Ava at the end was so predictable.

-Episode 3 coming soon! Stay tuned!


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