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Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for National Geographic

Based On a True Story Snark and Highlights for National Geographic

-Nathan is visited by Ruby….who is there to blackmail him about his involvement with the podcast.

-Of course, Ruby seduced him to get what she wants.

-It was all a fantasy….again…..even the dog still being alive.

-In real life, he decides to use the subscription service idea Ruby gave him in the dream.

-Matt wants to continue killing to get superfans of the show….while charging them at a premium level.

-More fantasy sex for Ava…..which Tori walks in on……in real life….as Ava is….enjoying herself.

-The sister time with Ava and Tori is actually kind of sweet.

-Michelle is PISSED that Matt dumped her and called her a dead end. He thinks she may be the ‘new content’ victim and calls Ava to tell her, only to be attacked.

-It turns out it was Matt capturing him to throw darts. Nathan wants information, but Matt wants them to throw first, just so he can tell him this is giving him the life he always wanted.

-The two men get into a fight….or do they?

-Ava finally talks to Paul about her fantasies, leaving him confused. He never had any feelings towards her at all.

-Ruby tries to blackmail Nathan….with a side of seductiveness.

-Nathan surprises Ava with a new house! That’s sweet.

-The fight is what the two of them needed to get everything out in the open…..but finding Ruby dead at their doorway? Not so much.

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Final episode next! Stay tuned!

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