ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap For 11/16/2022: Mini Golf Masters

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap For 11/16/2022: Mini Golf Masters

ICYMI: Lego Masters Recap For 11/16/2022: Mini Golf Masters

This week’s episode of Lego Masters on Fox has a mini golf theme. Each team must make their own mini golf course, complete with movement and able to propel a ball hit by Will. They will also be judged on construction and fun.


Everyone gets to work on making their course. Everyone has interesting themes, including a game of cat and mouse for Nick and Stacey and an under contstuction theme for Brendan and Greg.


As each team works, Amy, Jamie and Will walk around, giving commentary and concern about how each team is working. They also talk about it amongst themselves.


Ethan and Dom have a jungle theme and seem to be in competition with Nick and Stacey.


Austin and Justin’s piece of cake theme represents a cake being made from start to finish.


Liam and Emily have a squirreling around theme that includes a seesaw and hope to top last week’s challenge.


Dave and Emily’s gnome themed course consists of a bridge that will help get the ball across the course….complete with teeter totter movement.


Dom and Ethan wonder what would have happened if Brendan and Greg got sent home last week and the Golden Brick went out of play—even though I thought it was supposed to save them?


The Stephens carry Will around while they focus on their castle course.


As time ticks on, everyone continues to work hard….while Liam’s mom Emily gets a ride on a golf cart with Will. Ethan also gets a ride, only to end up crashing and Will calling for the doctors. He also says Ethan was the last one there if the lawyers come by.

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When it comes time to move the course, Nick and Stacey realize they may have mis-measured theirs because it won’t fit on the green.


Before long, it is time for Will to test out each of the courses. Each team tells their story and get pros and cons from the judges on their work.


Emily and Dave and Austin and Justin are in the top two with Austin and Justin winning the challenge. They get a team jacket as their prize.


Nick and Stacey and Ethan and Dom are in the bottom two, with Ethan and Dom going home.


More next week, stay tuned!

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