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The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/19/2023THE GOLDEN BACHELOR - “104” - Gerry Turner’s journey continues with an adventurous one-on-one and a group date that has the women flexing their pickleball skills. Plus, former Bachelorette Trista Sutter and upcoming Bachelor Joey Graziadei appear, making it an unforgettable week. THURSDAY, OCT. 19 (8:22-9:24 p.m. CDT/EDT ONLY; 8:00-9:02 p.m. PDT/MDT), on ABC. (ABC/John Fleenor) GERRY TURNER, SANDRA

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/19/2023


-Theresa wants to bury the hatchet with Kathy….who is probably isn’t interested.

-TRISTA SUTTER is here to help the ladies and give them advice…..and as an aside, she looks amazing and hasn’t changed a bit.

-Theresa tells Trista about her date, which upsets Kathy….who wishes Theresa will shut up.

-Trista says she will be involved with the group date…which will consist of everyone except Leslie, who gets the one-on-one date.

-The group plays pickleball with Gerry, Trista and Bachelor Joey.

-April exaggerates an injury to be closer and get cuddle time with Gerry. I mean….I am sure I did something similar….in fifth grade. I think we all did…..again….in like, fifth grade, not as a grown-ass woman…..but hey, it worked for her!

-Sandra missed her daughter’s wedding to be on the show? WTF?

-Kathy and Ellen win and get to be featured in InPickleball magazine….and get kisses from Gerry.

-Sandra and Gerry call her daughter to be there for her on her wedding day….as they struggle to figure out FaceTime.

-Are we still harping on this Theresa/Kathy bullshit? Come on, let it go already!

-Theresa tattles to Gerry about the Kathy debacle…..because of course we must tattle to him. To his credit, he lets Kathy tell her side of the story.

-Sandra gets the group date rose.

-Leslie is whisked away by Gerry for their date.

-The ladies play Never Have I Ever with ice cream and….it is quite interesting. After a motorcycle ride, they sit outside, where she opens up about her life as a single mom. He seems really interested in her story and comforts her with a kiss.

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-Sandra has a tummy ache from the ice cream and is in bed. Gerry goes to check on her.

-Gerry gives Susan a rose quartz crystal and a kiss.  He says it reminds him of his wife and that she shares those qualities.

-He gives the other women one-on-one time.

-Kathy whines about the women having connections with Gerry.

-Gerry gets emotional when Ellen tells him she is falling in love because he is also feeling something special.

-Nancy, who has an injury, is eliminated….and I think the other women are more upset than she is!


Rose Ceremony! Sandra and Leslie already have roses.

-Ellen–the one falling in love

-Faith–the one who got the first impression rose

-Susan–the Kris Jenner lookalike


Final Rose Tonight:

-Theresa–the one who tattled about Kathy



-Kathy–the one who whined about Theresa

-April–the one who exaggerated her injury


Gerry talks to Kathy and tells her that he hopes she finds the guy she deserves.


-More next week, stay tuned!

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