ICYMI: Lego Masters Season Three Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022: Ready to Launch

ICYMI: Lego Masters Season Three Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022: Ready to Launch

ICYMI: Lego Masters Season Three Premiere Recap for 9/21/2022: Ready to Launch

Season three of Lego Masters on Fox opens with a Lego show with host Will Arnett as a Lego, a Brad Pitt Lego and a bunch of other Legos going ‘Hollywood.’


Jamie and Amy are back as judges.


This week’s theme is SPACE! They need to build something original to show everyone who they are….with a space twist.


Stephen and Stephen–Firefighters:   They plan on making the Maltese cross, which is found on firefighter uniforms.


Emily and Liam–Mother and Son: They are making a Garden of the Galaxy project, which will represent their love of travel and the outdoors.


Drew and Miranda–Brother and Sister: Their bottle rocket represents them going out driving and being teens.


Austin and Justin–Pediatric Doctors: Their project represents things found in their doctor bags.




Kerry and Patrick–Grandpappies: Their theme is a Space Party Shuttle, which will represent that they are still young at heart….especially since they work in the party industry.


John and Xavier–Friends: They are making a ‘Millennium Mango’ with the Filipino flag in the middle.


Nick and Stacey–Live-streamers: Their project will represent their Lego themed live stream show.


Christine and Michelle–Friends: Their theme is  Hot Mess Mama, with a music theme mixed in.


Asiza and Eddie–Siblings: Their theme is smiles and positivity.


Brendan and Greg–Brothers: They are building the USS IG Phoenix.

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Dave and Emily–Canadian Siblings: They are making Twin Pod Space Ships.


Liz and Erin–Moms: Their theme is Rockstar Tour Ship, which represents their love of music.

Astronaut Jessica Meir is in the house! She says the winner of this challenge will have their project displayed at the Kennedy Space Center.


The judges and Will walk around, making commentary on each team and looking at their progress.


As they work, Dr. Thomas Marshburn gives them a message via space to wish them luck.


Will jokes around with the teams, including Drew and Miranda, who he thinks could be in a teen drama. He even makes them do a commercial spoof for a show called The Potato.


Before long, time is up and it is time foe each team to show off their work. The judges and Will give each teams the pros and cons of their projects.


The winner of this challenge is Stephen and Stephen!


Drew and Miranda and Austin and Justin are in the bottom two. The team going home is……Drew and Miranda. They hug and say goodbye.


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