ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/23/2022

ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/23/2022

ICYMI: The Amazing Race Recap for 11/23/2022

The Mega Leg continues on CBS’s The Amazing Race. Molly and Emily and Marcus and Michael are still falling behind, but the others are heading to the second leg.


The next leg begins with the teams having to drive to Ronda, Spain, where a tour guide holding the Andalusian flag will have their next clue.


Derek and Claire are in the lead, but end up having some rough patches in terms of driving. This puts Luis and Michelle ahead of them.


Michael and Marcus and Emily and Molly finish the detours and head to the next leg. Emily is still struggling due to her injuries, which makes the guys think that they have an advantage.


Detour! They can either build an arch with bricks or identify accessories on a Flamenco dancer so they can dress her properly.


Luis and Michelle do the Flamenco detour, while Derek and Claire team up with Aubrey and David. They also work on the Flamenco challenge.


Luis and Michelle struggle with the detour since they miss certain details with the roses and shawl worn by the dancer. They finally get it right and must head to Paseo de Kazunori Yamauchi.


Aubrey and David finish the detour as well and even offer to stay and help Claire and Derek. However, they decline help and tell them to go ahead.


Emily and Molly and Michael and Marcus finally make it to the detour. Despite getting lost, the girls to the Flamenco detour, while the guys to the arch building.

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Roadblock! One team member must balance 300 feet above the ground, crossing a wire on the Puente Nuevo bridge. While there, they must identify and retrieve a flag that they saw the tour guide holding.


Luis and Michelle complete it quickly, thanks to Michelle walking the tightrope like a champ. They now head to the Pit Stop: Mirador de Ronda.

Derek and Claire catch up with Aubrey and David, so they decide to help each other again. The girls are terrified of heights, but manage to complete the roadblock and head to the Pit Stop. The entire time, they help each other and try to keep each other calm, despite the fact that Claire doesn’t want to have anyone talking to her while she is walking the rope.


Michael and Marcus and Emily and Molly finally finish their detours and head to the roadblock. Both teams complete it and get the correct flag due to pure luck and good guessing. It is their turn to head to the Pit Stop. Emily and Molly stop for directions, which give Michael and Marcus a slight edge—-or does it?


Pit Stop Order:

  1. Luis and Michelle–Expedia Award points to design them a trip to Tokyo.
  2. Aubrey and David
  3. Derek and Claire
  4. Emily and Molly
  5. Michael and Marcus–eliminated!


More next week, stay tuned!

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