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Masterchef Back to Win Finale Recap for 9/14/2022

Masterchef Back to Win Finale Recap for 9/14/2022

  • Part two of the finale!


  • We are still on the entree round, but at least Chef Gordon Ramsay is being sweet to the final three.


  • Why did Emily have to give her opinion?


  • Dara’s boyfriend and mom are the cutest.


  • Dara’s sass with the short ribs is such a freaking MOOD.


  • Michael’s lamb is overcooked, the sauce is thick, but it has an overall good flavor.


  • Dara’s short ribs and sides are visually appealing and tastes just as good. Joe would even eat it at other restaurants AND serve it at his own.


  • Christian’s fillets are not all cooked medium rare, but taste delicious.


  • Christina Tosi, the dessert legend is in the house for the dessert round!


  • Dara is thrilled to see her idol there, but looks so nervous to cook her dessert.


  • Did Shayne hit on Christina?


  • Christian cooking his grandma’s recipe is such a sweet tribute to her and a good way to end his time on the show.


  • Dara’s vanilla dessert is well seasoned, but also a bit too sweet.


  • Michael’s tres leches dessert is missing a milk square for Aaron, but is a triumph.


  • Christian’s banana pudding is delicious, but a bit too simplistic.


  • The judges deliberate and come to a decision…..


  • The winner of Masterchef is……..DARA!!!! MAZEL TOV AND CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL!!!!!


  • More next season, stay tuned!
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“I’m so grateful for this experience and my MasterChef family,” said Dara Yu, MasterChef Season 12 Winner. “It’s given me incredible opportunities over the past 8 years and I’m excited to see what the future holds. I hope that I can continue to inspire young people to follow their passion and believe in themselves!”


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