Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/14/2022: Who Won POV?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/14/2022: Who Won POV?

Big Brother 24 Recap for 9/14/2022: Who Won POV?

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 24 on CBS picks up right where we left off….as it does every Wednesday. Right now, Monte hopes the veto isn’t used so he doesn’t have to change the nominations. He knows he has a better chance of getting to the final three with Turner and Taylor since they have a final three deal. He doesn’t care if Brittany or Alyssa go to jury as of this point.


Turner cleans to get back at Zingbot….okay then.


Monte tells Turner he will put up Taylor if the POV is used and leads Taylor to believe he is thinking of backdooring Turner.


After everyone dreams about what they will do with the prize money, the veto comp begins….in the middle of the night….with a two minute notice to get to said comp.


Monte arrives too late and is disqualified. Everyone else must put together a cuckoo clock and make it work.


Brittany wins! Monte thinks it is all a bad dream and goes back to sleep. Turner wonders why Brittany wants to thank Michael since he threw her under the bus.


At this point, everyone thinks that Taylor is going on the block since Brittany is going down….even though Taylor and Brittany think Turner should go up.


Monte talks to Turner, Brittany and Taylor, making it clear that Taylor is going on the block and at this point, nothing is changing his mind.

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POV is used, Brittany is off the block, Taylor is on….tomorrow either Taylor or Alyssa will go to jury….stay tuned.

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