Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/13/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/13/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/13/2023

-This week’s Kitchen Nightmares takes place at Love Bites, owned by engaged couple Chris and Tess. He is riddled with anxiety, which causes problems in their relationship and the business. They are over $200,000 in debt and in danger of losing it all.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay goes in to check out the place and try the food. He is agitated by the noise coming from the kitchen, but orders a coffee, a spicy breakfast salad, crab Benedict and several other dishes. The waitress explains that Chris tends to freak out, which explains the screaming and breaking plates.

-Tess talks to Chef Gordon Ramsay about her health issues and 25 surgeries. The stress from the restaurant only exasperates her health issues.

-The food is not to Chef Gordon Ramsay’s liking and he shares his disappointment with Tess. The two of them have a heart to heart about her relationship with Chris and how she isn’t even sure she wants to get married anymore. He hugs her tightly and promises to help.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay gives Chris a good talking to and tells him to man up and show some respect for the staff and the ladies in his life.

-He also talks to Chris’s mom Donna, who says her son is a broken man and she has no idea how to help him.

-Things continue to go from bad to worse for the dinner service, with Tess finally breaking down.

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-Chef Gordon Ramsay talks to Tess’s mom Ginny to figure out how to help the couple.

-After the disastrous dinner service, Tess is sent home with her mother and Chef Gordon Ramsay talks to Chris and Donna. He wants Chris to talk to someone so he can get the help he needs.

-After a talk with a therapist, Chris realizes the error of his ways and vows to do better.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay makes over the restaurant and new menu, which everyone seems to love. He also hires someone to help Tess and Chris out in and out of the kitchen.

-Dinner service! Things start out well, but before long, Chris begins to lose his cool. Chef Gordon Ramsay is there to help keep him calm under pressure. However, things go from bad to worse with his temper and dry heaving. The two men talk things out and Chris begins to calm down.

-Tess and Ginny arrive to try the new food. Everyone is delighted by the new look and menu.

-The night is a success!

-Two month later, the restaurant has been sold and the couple is working on their relationship.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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