Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 9: Dead and Buried

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 9: Dead and Buried

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 9: Dead and Buried


Crazy things that happened in this episode


  • The girls are FINALLY telling the moms everything that has happened and what they know. They say it was all Crazy Joe who sent the mom the gifts and the girls the text. The moms in return tell what happened to Angela and how they were bullies. Elodie admits they had a secret relationship but said Angela was obsessed with her. Corey tells about how she made Angela get a tattoo. Marjorie tells about the smoking and putting the blame in Angela and Sidney says when Angela confessed, he assault she didn’t help her. They tell how David had her throw the bag of poop at the door and then drove off. The moms said Angela was an easy target it was a different time girls were just meaner.

This made me hate the moms so much more. They seem like they feel bad but they are still justifying it because it was a different time. Nothing leaves the room we move on from it. They are the worst.

  • Marjorie is going to get sober and want Noa to stay at Shawn’s house.

Yay for Marjorie that is a big and important step but cant Noa stay at one of the girls house? Why are your letting your teenage daughter stay at her boyfriends house?

  • While sleeping at Shawn’s house Noa is woken up at 4am to him working out and confronts him about the pills she found and how he lied to her about it. She can’t handle two addicts.

Oh Shawn you aren’t going to quiet, you aren’t going to wean yourself off. I hope you do but I feel like it is all a lie.

  • Imogen doesn’t believe Crazy Joe was A he thinks it was staged that A killed Crazy Joe. He thinks A may have even killed her mom. She wants to talk to the coroner after school about her mom’s autopsy.

Imogen is definitely on to something Crazy Joe definitely didn’t kill himself, I don’t think Davis did either why would there be an A on the bathroom wall if she did?

  • Chip is with Imogen at her check up appointment. He wants to be supportive. We learn Imogen is 38 weeks along and she has high blood pressure she cant have any outside stressors.

I know Chip and Imogen are kind of dating but this is odd he is putting himself really in the middle of her pregnancy could he be the father? Is he the one that raped Imogen and Tabby? Imogen no outside stressors so stop going to creepy and unsafe places by yourself!!!

  • Faran is deciding to let down her hair and go natural

This is not crazy but I just had to write she is so beautiful and looks so amazing.

  • Imogen is talking to the coroner, and he insist it was suicide, there is no evidence of murder. He says he can do another autopsy but he needs a petition to have the body exhumed. It needs to be signed by the sheriff.
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This definitely isn’t going to be easy. I don’t think the sheriff is behind any of this but he knows more that we think he does.

  • Mouse tells Ash she reconnected with her father on Thanksgiving and that she can arrange for the three of them to get together.

Oh no please don’t bring Steve back into your life he is a creep. Just be honest with Ash.

  • We learn Marjorie owes her drug dealer money, and he was there to get Noa’s tip money.

Way to go for Noa telling him off. I have a feeling he is going to do something to Noa or Marjorie.

  • Tabby is late and Sidney is not happy about it. She starts thinking of all the times she had to work late or came home late and was with Wes or got a ride home from Wes.

I am glad she is realizing how inappropriate Wes is and how he is grooming Tabby.

  • Imogen goes to the Sheriff to have her petition granted he says he will help but he needs her moms next of kin. Imogen needs to go to her father.

We see a softer side of Sheriff Beasley he is hurting over the loss of Karen and sympathizes with Imogen over her loss. I still don’t like him or trust him but I do feel bad for him in this one and only part of his life.

  • Faran confronts Kelly for kissing Henry but as she is telling Kelly of she notices her leg bleeding and sees that Kelly really does self-harm herself.

Kelly really has had it so hard. She never feels good enough, she doesn’t deserve to feel that way or that she should have been the one to die instead of Karen.

  • Sidney has had enough of Wes and his BS with Tabby she goes to the theater and Tells Wes to get away from Tabby and says how inappropriate it is how he has a teenager working late and how old is he 30 and he says he is in his 20’s She calls Wes a groomer and a rapist.

A few things to unpack here didn’t Wes say he was the same age as Ari Aster he should be 36. Even if he was the age when he made Midsommar (the movie they talked about during that scene) he would still be 33/34 so how is he in his 20’s was that a lie? I love how they are showing his inappropriate behavior, but the rapist comment was a bit extreme.

  • After Sidney has calmed down she tells Tabby the 9 times out of 10 the assault is by some one you know. Tabby tells her about their DNA plan.


Sidney just wants to help her daughter. I can’t imagine how she must feel having that happen to her daughter.

  • Mouse is bowling with Ash and Steve who is now pretending to be Mouse’s dad. He suddenly is getting up to leave and tells Mouse not to call him dad.
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Did something happen? Did someone recognize him or see him with Mouse? Does he suddenly realize Mouse isn’t Rachel and he is a creeper.

  • Faran goes to Sheriff Beasley about Kelly and her cutting. She confronts him about his abuse to Kelly. She tells him how she knows all about the boys and the favors they give him but denies it was Noa that told her.

This was a bold move Faran but I don’t think it was a good idea. If Sheriff Beasley is involved she just made it so much worst for her and the girls.

  • Chip talks to Tabby about how Wes is to her, she tells him Wes tried once and asks why is he jealous he is with Imogen. Chip says it’s because Tabby won’t give him a chance.  He just doesn’t want her hurt by Wes because he is a creep.

Either Wes is a bigger creep than we are seeing or Chip is spiraling and having major guilt for if he did rape Imogen and Tabby.

  • Imogen goes to the Millwood Quarry to see her dad and get him to sign the form to exhume her mom’s body. We learn that Davis had depression, she was on medication and seeing a therapist. There was a time around New Years she took pills and alcohol. Imogen’s dad never knew why she was depressed he assumed something happened in high school because she never talked about that time of her life. We learn Imogen’s dad isn’t in her life because he couldn’t take care of her and living in a quarry wasn’t a place for her to grown up. It was always decided that Sidney would take care of her if something happened to Davis.

Was anyone expecting her dad to be Peter Hastings? Just me? I mean he did have a lot of love children so it definitely could have been possible. Davis was definitely troubled and guilt ridden by what happened to Angela. I think she might have killed herself. I don’t understand why her dads not in her life. Is it just because where he lives or his job?

  • Tabby is thinking about what her mom said about it being someone you know. Wes wasn’t at the parties. We flashback to the party and see Chip try and kiss Tabby and she turns him down saying they are just friends. Chip was at both parties.

It was Chip. MY HEART. I really wanted him to be a good guy, but all the signs were there. Oh Chip you are TRASH.

  • The DNA results are in and it wasn’t a football player. The are going to cross reference the names of the boys who donated and who was at the parties. They are crossing off Henry, Shawn and Ash. When Imogen says Chip Tabby looks unsure. Tabby confronts Greg about the bonfire party and asks if he saw Chip there.
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Tabby knows her best friend raped her and Imogen now she just needs to prove it.

  • Mouse gets a call from Steve about how they found Rachel they found her body in a landfill. He wants to see Mouse.

Why do I think he is going to kidnap Mouse and hold her hostage so she can be his new daughter?

  • Imogen gets a call from Sheriff Beasley her mom’s body is missing someone dug up her grave he thinks it was Imogen doing it.

Because a pregnant teenager is able to pull that off. Why would Imogen just take the body. Why would anyone take the body? What is A or the Masked Stalker or both going to do with it.

  • Mouse is at the motel with Steve he is clearly having a breakdown (understandably) he gives Mouse clothes to put on and calls her Rachel. Ash goes to Mouse’s moms and tells them they went bowling with her father Steve. They say Steve isn’t her father’s name. Elodie tracks Mouse’s phone to find her location. They are able to rescue her from the hotel and Elodie recognizes Steve. Mouse says Steve is her friend and tells about Rachel and how she pretended to be his daughter.


Let’s be thankful Elodie is a helicopter parent because she is going to save Mouse from Steve. I really thought They were going to open the door and find that Mouse killed Steve.


  • Faran’s dad has been arrested by a Millwood cop on a BS charge. By the look on Faran’s face she knows it is her fault. Faran goes to Kelly’s house to tell her and her mom about her dads secret. Kelly is shocked. Her mom wasn’t she says he always had his demons even in high school when he forced himself on that girl to prove something. The girl was Angela

Is Sheriff Beasley that petty he would have Zeke arrested for no reason just because Faran stood up to him? He raped Angela.

  • Noa comes home and her mom is with her drug dealer. She gets a bat and forces him out of the house. Marjorie says she called him and needed his help.

Marjorie you need help please go to rehab.

  • Imogen’s dad calls to tells her that Davis had a high school sweetheart and maybe they would know something his name was Tom.. Tommy. It was Tom Beasley.

I wasn’t expecting that… I have no words.

Final Thoughts

I think Chip, Steve, the sheriff and the drug dealer are all going to get killed by A maybe each girl is going to have a death connected to them?


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