Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 7: Carnival of Souls

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 7: Carnival of Souls

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 7: Carnival of Souls

Did these ___ really happen in this episode

1. Elodie (Mouse’s mom) gets her A note: an old ticket for the carnival with the message: Meet me in the hall of mirrors. We flashback to see her and Angela kissing in the Hall of Mirrors but when Davis walks in Elodie says Angela attacked her.

I understand that the 90’s were a hard time to come out as gay but how could Elodie do that? Was she so scared of what her friends would think? What they would do? I’m mad at Elodie, but not as mad as I am at the others.


2. Imogen and Tabby are filling the girls in on how all their moms visited Rose at Radley. They are trying to connect the dots…how does her rape connect to the moms? Why did the Masked Stalker kill Karen?Noa tells about Sheriff Beasley and his car rendezvous and how he can be a suspect. They are basically suspecting everyone.

Anyone could be A. Who is Angela’s dad? Is he even still alive? Do they know him? Have we seen him?


3. Faran goes to talk to Kelly about why she dropped out of ballet. Kelly confronts Faran about her attack and why she would do that to her.

Girl, you go crying to everyone about everything but not when you are attacked and almost killed. That is the time to say something. UGH teenagers.


4. In health class, it’s baby time.  The class gets to pair up and raise a toy baby together. Chip ask Imogen to be his partner.

I swear if this is a hint that he is the rapist I will be so upset. I like Chip or maybe I love the actor from Sweet Magnolias and can’t see him as a bad guy, which means he probably is the rapist bad guy.


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5. Another film project for Tabby’s class! They need to make a film of an aspect of their life only they can tell.

Tabby is going to write about her assault. I hope she finds out who it is and shows it in the film.


6. Mouse’s childhood trauma: at the carnival when she was 5 she got separated from her moms and a man came up to her, offered her cotton candy and tried to take her away. Her moms saw right away and the man was never caught. She just says he’s a stranger.

Was this her father? Was he someone Mouse’s moms knew? Carnivals are scary….so many people and so much going on.


7. Wes and Chip tell Tabby about the next double feature, whichis Last House on the Left and Virgin Springs. Tabby is against it because of the rape scenes.

As Wes talks, she gets mad and stabs him with her pen…but it was all in her head.

Is Tabby having a breakdown? Does she have a split personality? Is she A? Did she become A after her rape? Could she have found out about Angela and her rape and blocked it out?


8. At school, Imogen leaves the fake baby at the front desk with Mrs. Bell while she goes pee.  When she comes back the baby is gone. She finds Chip and he helps her find it. The baby is in the janitor closet with a note: You’re a bad mom.

Imogen, if youre having a baby, you need to learn to pee and hold the baby. Who could take the baby without Mrs. Bell noticing? A teacher? Principal? Student? Janitor?


9. Tabby is in the woods behind the school when the Masked Stalker knocks her down with a knife he lunges down to stab her….. and it was all in her head?

Again, she has an intense vision of something that isn’t happening. This is the third time (first one in Rosewood) I’m really starting to question her.


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10. Tabby goes to the police she is ready to tell about her assault. Before she can,Sheriff Beasley questions her about Tyler, the party and their altercation.

At least they are following up on Tyler. We are on episode 7 and we still have no idea if anyone found that poor janitor.


11. Chip takes Imogen to the adoption agency when asked if he is in support of adoption he says “100% supportive of whatever Imogen decides is best… for the baby” he seems so uncomfortable.

I’m done, he did it. He is acting way too involved and now he is trying to date Imogen oh gosh this is not good.


12. Noa is with the trainer and he gives her an inhaler for cardiovascular shortcomings. She talks to Shawn and he tells her a lot of the guys go to him. She is super hesitant about the inhaler because it’s a steroid and asks Shawn if he does but there is nothing wrong with it.

Noa is so traumatized by how her mom was, the thought of an inhaler freaks her out. I wonder if Shawn really does use steroids.


13. Mouse goes to Steve’s job at a cellphone store and asks about devices that stalk people. She calls him out on following her and texting her. She learns that he knows Elodie and how she was almost snatched.

They are in a support group for parents who lost their kids. After she gets home she gets a text from unknown: The man who tried to take you WASN’T a stranger.

If she wasn’t taken and if the guy ran away why would Elodie be in that group? Was Mouse gone for longer? Did something else happen? Who took her? Oh no, she told Ash it was a stranger please don’t let it be Ash.


14. Elodie gets a message from Unknown: If you’re not honest with Mouse, your worst fears will come true.

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This too sounds like it can be Ash. What is the story behind Mouse? Did Elodie kidnap her?


15. Mouse and Ash go in the House of Mirrors when she sees the Masked Stalker. They try and run out but he is everywhere she turns. Ash never sees what is freaking out Mouse. They go through  the emergency exit.  When they get outside, Elodie is there, saying she needs to talk to Mouse. We learn The man who took her was her father. Elodie was a surrogate and since it was not through an agency she just kept Mouse. Elodie admits she doesn’t know if he was trying to kidnap her or just see her.

This is a lot to unpack so Mouse is technically kidnapped by her moms or at least Elodie. It was her father, not a stranger. Did the Masked Stalker know Elodie was there and that is why he chased Mouse to literally have her run into her mom so Elodie would confess?


16. Mouse tells her mom she sent the text. She has a burner phone. She tortured her mom so she would confess.

Is Mouse A with Ash? Was this planned? Or did Mouse just want answers and this was how she could get them?


17. The girls at lunch talking about Mouse’s encounter with the Masked Stalker when they all get a text of Tyler’s dead body still in his Halloween costume.

I guess he isn’t Studly Smurf anymore but Dead Smurf now…..too soon?


My final thoughts:

I have no idea about anything or anyone.

Everyone is guilty to me.  

I don’t understand why A killed Tyler and Karen. Is it because they are bullies?



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