The Baby-Sitters Club Recap for Kristy and the Snobs

The Baby-Sitters Club Recap for Kristy and the Snobs

The Baby-Sitters Club Recap for Kristy and the Snobs

The season two premiere of The Baby-Sitters Club is based on Kristy and the Snobs. David Michael and Kristy are mourning the death of their beloved dog Louie, while the Thomas and Brewer families work on blending their lives together.

Liz and Watson serve David Michael, Kristy, Karen, Andrew, Sam and Charlie breakfast. Karen complains about her cantaloupe being cut wrong, while Kristy eats David Michael’s pancakes because he doesn’t like pancakes and doesn’t want to hurt Watson’s feelings.

Later on, Stacey comes over to see Kristy and Sam, with whom is her new ‘friend she texts.’ As all the kids hang out, Kristy’s new neighbor Amanda comes over with an invitation for Liz. She makes snarky comments about Kristy using the wrong towel for the pool and accuses her of being from a barn or New Jersey. Kristy wants to tell her where to shove it, but decides to play nice.

At the meeting, Stacey and Kristy meet with Dawn, Mary Anne, Claudia and Mallory. They all talk about their summers before getting down to business. Jessi comes in late, but is saved by Kristy’s wrath, thanks to her letting things go.

After taking a call, they discuss Jessi’s ballet auditions, the first day of school and where Mary Anne stands with Logan. The two of them haven’t talked since camp, so the girls try to figure out what is going on.

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Stacey then talks about Sam and picks on Kristy about not having a social life in her new neighborhood. Kristy retorts that she is having tea with Amanda and her mom in a few days.

At the tea, Amanda’s mom Mrs. Delaney makes condescending comments toward Liz and the fact that she is a working mom. Liz takes it in stride, but is upset with the fact that she was so rude.

Later on, Dawn and Mary Anne work on some sort of astrological thing to see if Mary Anne is compatible with Logan. Sharon and Richie check in on them, but seem confused by what they are doing.

Dawn then calls Logan to get some information for the compatibility test, but get shut down when his mom catches him giving out personal information.

That night, Kristy is missing Louie and staring at his old good bowl when Watson comes down to make her a midnight snack. He wants them to talk….or sit in silence, whichever she prefers. She begins to put the food away and thanks him for being there.

At the meeting, Kristy complains about the debacle at the Delaney house when the woman herself calls for a sitter. Kristy is the only one free, so she takes the job…despite being unhappy about it. The rest of the meeting is spent gossiping over the astrology project.

Kristy goes to the job, where she finds out Amanda needs a babysitter (despite being Mallory’s age) because she got caught sneaking out to see her boyfriend. Kristy think she is too young for one, but Amanda blows her off and demands a drink while she watches TV.

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They end up at the Thomas-Brewer house where Amanda ends up bonding with David Michael. Kristy realizes she is just lonely.

Meanwhile, Mary Anne, Claudia and Stacey take pictures for social media to impress Logan, which works.

At dinner, Watson says Amanda had a good time and  Mrs. Delaney invited them to a charity event. Liz doesn’t want to go and ends up arguing with Watson.

The Thomas-Brewers go to the event, where David Michael falls in love with a dog. A woman named Shannon is in charge of them, so David Michael decides to name the dog in her honor.

The episode ends with the girls hanging out with Kristy’s family and Logan…who showed up as a surprise for Mary Anne.



  • I am glad they didn’t show Louie die. It is bad enough being referenced, but there is no way I would be able to watch it happen.
  • In the books, Amanda is one of Karen’s friends, but in the episode, Karen seems to hate her.
  • How the hell does an eleven year old sneak out?
  • Amanda bonding with David Michael was sweet.
  • The astrology thing was interesting, but so different than what book-Mary Anne would like.
  • I also cannot imagine book-Mary Anne taking pictures to impress a boy. She was the shy one.
  • Shannon is not a club member or a snob, but the one working for the dog rescue company. Interesting.
  • At least we have the possible Stacey/Sam romance.
  • It seems like Logan is either shy or not very into Mary Anne romantically or plain just doesn’t know how to act around her.
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