Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 8: Bad Blood

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 8: Bad Blood

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Recap for Episode 8: Bad Blood


14 Crazy Things That Happened on Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

  1. The girls decide they need to find out who raped Imogen and Tabby. They are going to steal the boys at school’s blood from the blood drive to see who did it.  They are going to divide the blood from jocks and non jocks. Marjorie is going to do an underground DNA/paternity test with the blood they collect.

Kudos to the girls for thinking outside of the box. I really have no other words other than what if it isn’t someone from school or the person doesn’t donate blood…but then we wouldn’t have a storyline so we know they are going to find out who it was.


  1. Sidney gets Angela’s copy of the Scarlet Letter. In a flash back to 1999, Angela confesses to Sidney that something bad happened to her.

We don’t know what it is yet but we can assume she was raped. Poor Angela. I really hope the girls weren’t behind it, or tell everyone.


  1. Imogen and Tabby go back to see Creepy Joe to ask about the 6th signature and he tells them to drop it or something bad will happen. He sent them to Rosewood to lead them to a dead end.

Why does he want them to stop asking questions? Is he A or the Masked Stalker? Does he know who is if it isn’t him?


  1. Imogen asks Kelly to help them get in to volunteer for the blood drive so they can collect blood samples from everyone to find out who raped her and Tabby.

I get Kelly is working the blood drive but couldn’t they just ask the nurse if they could help? Kelly is definitely giving me Mona friendship vibes they only like her when she can help other than that they don’t care about her. I feel bad for Kelly.


  1. Chip invites Imogen over for Thanksgiving but she turns him down because she is going to be with Tabby and Sidney. She instead invites him to volunteer at the soup kitchen that her and her mom always volunteered at.
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While at the soup kitchen, Imogen has a flashback of her mom talking to women who is freaking out at her.

We can assume the women was Rose Waters and she still hates Davis and her friends (understandable) I wish we knew what Rose said to Davis because whatever it was it made Davis get Imogen and leave.


  1. Noa recruits Shawn to get the football team to donate blood at the blood drive. Shawn tells her most of the guys won’t donate because they take steroids. Shawn says he doesn’t take them though. The girls decide to get the football players DNA from their mouth guards, razors and other personal items.

I hope they are labeling or at least separating everyone’s DNA sample because wont the DNA get mixed together? I know Touch DNA is a thing so I assume that would happen if its all going in one bag.


  1. The moms meet and Sidney informs that the girls are still investigating Angela Waters.

At this point the moms all know something is going on, the girls know something is going on. WHY DON’T THE MOMS JUST SAY SOMETHING?


  1. Mouse finds her birth certificate and the name of her birth father.She looks him up and pretends to be a Girl Scout delivering cookies to meet him. When she tells him who she is, he sends her away.

Isn’t she a little old to be a Girl Scout (I never was one, so I’m not sure) Why would he be on the birth certificate if Elodie basically kept Mouse from him? Unless it was after they signed the birth certificate. I am so confused by this whole storylineso much doesn’t make sense.

  1. Sidney is remembering when Tabby came home from the party in the woods. She looks through her room and finds Tabby’s tapes of the boys locker room.
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Sidney knows something is wrong with Tabby and you can see it is hurting her. I am glad she called Tabby out on the videos I wish it would have been more intense and consequential.


  1. Kelly comes home from clubbing with the girls and is met by a drunk Sheriff Beasley. He confronts her on why she’s home late. Kelly questions him back and we see a flash of him kissing a man in an alley way.

Was that Crazy Joe? I doubt it but it did look like him. Sheriff Beasley definitely has his demons he is not a good person. I wonder if something happened in his past to make him so abusive.


  1. Imogen finds Angela’s old house and goes alone. She finds a bed with rope restraints and a cage. She sees the Masked Stalker’s mask hanging up. When she is about to leave,Crazy Joe walks in he tells her she should have left this all alone and starts chasing her throughout the house. She hides in a room and sees a corpse in a bed. She knocks Joe out and runs out of the house.

Someone was abused in that house. I wonder if Angela has a sibling or twin that was kept secret. Were they born with something wrong? Could this sibling be A or the Masked Stalker?


  1. Noa is at Shawn’s for Thanksgiving. His father is going on about putting sports before anything else. Noa “goes to the bathroom” and finds steroids in his sports bag.

Shawn if you are lying about this, what else are you lying about?


  1. Tabby gets a text: Silence kills. Tyler’s dad comes to her house and accuses her of knowing what happened to Tyler,who has been missing since that party.
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This is a rock and a hard place. They need to tell someone about Tyler. He was a jerk, but let him Rest In Peace. How bad could the consequence be if they tell someone? Wouldn’t it be worse if they don’t say anything and it comes out that they had the picture of him dead?


  1. Imogen has all the girls meet her at (of course)Pinball Pizza to fill them in on what happened at Angela’s house. They decide to confront Joe with butcher knives from Noa’s house. They go to Angela’s house first, but Joe isn’t there and neither is the corpse.

The girls go to the train yard and Joe is dead….he hanged himself. A note is left saying: Angela Waters did not die in vain. The handwriting in Joe’s note matches the sixth signature from the Radley file. They find Imogen’s mom’s missing yearbook with all their moms’ pictures are scratched out

Was Joe taking care of someone in Angela’s family? Her dad? A sibling? A twin? Was someone living at the house and he was bringing them food? Is A or the Masked Stalker another A Waters?


My Final Thoughts

Angela definitely has a sibling.

Joe was murdered.

How has Imogen not gone into premature labor with all the running, stress and overall insanity she has been through?



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