Only Murders in the Building Recap for S2E2: Framed

Only Murders in the Building Recap for S2E2: Framed

Only Murders in the Building Recap for S2E2: Framed

The episode opens with a narrator giving the history of the Arconia and Bunny’s life. This leads to a young Charles helping his father with an audition and him promising Charles that they will one day live in the building.


Back in the present day, Mabel, Charles and Oliver are looking at the painting stolen from Bunny’s apartment. Charles is questioning everything, while Oliver decides to have them move it in order to avoid more suspicion.


As they move it, Mabel sees that it is called Savage, which leads to her telling them about Bunny saying Savage before she died.  As Charles and Oliver question this, Howard stops by to invite them to a memorial for Bunny. They decide to use this as a way to move the painting back into her apartment.


At the memorial, Howard is talking to the parrot and Uma snarks about the trio being there. Ursula tells Oliver that Poppy was snooping around for ten cases of Gut Milk.


Nina talks about taking over for Bunny, while Howard says that she is going to be like Rosemary’s Baby once she gives birth. As they continue to snark, Uma reminds them that Bunny was lonely and how she wishes the killer would have taken the bird instead of the painting.


At that moment, Leonora, Bunny’s mom, shows up, wanting the painting and answers on Bunny’s death. She takes a look at the trio, declaring that none of them did it and demands a cocotini. Howard fetches her one, but she is not satisfied with it. She also reveals that someone named Rose Cooper is the artist behind the painting.

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The trio discuss Leonora. Oliver thinks she could have done it, but Mabel and Charles don’t think it is possible since she can’t even slice cheese.


Oliver and Mabel decide to move the painting by grabbing a luggage cart. They run into Lester, but Oliver is agitated and yells at him. As they go down the elevator, Mabel gets texts from Alice. Oliver wants to know why she is smiling and asks if it is about Oscar. However, Mabel says that the two of them are waiting for the friend zone text.


Charles talks to Leonora, who wonders why he looks so familiar. He tells her he was on Brazzos and she recalls that she watched it in her retirement home. She makes him say his famous line and they chat before he excuses himself to go help Oliver and Mabel. They don’t know what to do with the painting. Oliver wants to toss it, but Charles doesn’t want a painting of his father in the dumpster. Mabel says it is worth too much money to just throw out.


Later on, Charles works on the investigation by taking a look at suspects and then suddenly decides to leave after checking his watch. When he finally gets back to his place, he finds Leonora waiting for him.


Mabel goes to visit Alice, who shows off her artwork, including a piece she made of Mabel. She then hands Mabel a hammer and tells her to destroy it while thinking about what has destroyed her internally.

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Oliver goes to visit Amy Schumer, who wants to know why he forgot the tequila. They discuss her idea for the digital project, which includes her playing Jan as a doomed romantic. She even shows off her bassoon skills…until Oliver spots the painting, which Amy stole from the dumpster. Oliver thinks it has bad energy and tries to take it, but she won’t let him.


As Mabel smashed the art, Charles and Leonora bond while Oliver and Amy work out a deal. When she is done, Alice says she wanted her to destroy it metaphorically. Mabel says she feels better and kisses Alice, who now also feels better.


Leonora tells Charles about Rose and how she mysteriously disappeared and was declared dead. Charles realizes he might have known her and recalls going to an audition with his father as a young boy. Leonora asks if he is okay but before he can answer, Mabel comes in with what she learned about Rose, while Oliver tells them about Amy have the painting. The four of them go to Amy’s so Leonora can get the painting. However, she realizes it is a reproduction of the original painting. Amy just wants it because she is obsessed with Charles, but he says it is not him in the painting. She then decides she doesn’t want it.

As Leonora, Mabel and Charles leave, Amy asks if she was believable because she was in character. Oliver is relieved she is not insane.


Later on, Uma brings Oliver Bunny’s bird, which was left for him in her will. Mabel snarks that even in death Bunny is giving him the bird. Oliver wishes he could have recorded that, and Mabel reveals she already did.

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Charles continues to recall his childhood, including when he saw him getting arrested after he was supposedly at an audition.


Leonora leaves and tells Charles that she had an affair with his father. Charles thinks that he had an affair with Rose, but Leonora explains it was both of them. She says that he will be looking for her soon.


Charles goes to Oliver and Mabel in on everything….and comes to the conclusion that Bunny may be his sister. They hear the parrot talking, who says she knows who did it as the episode comes to a close.

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