Only Murders in the Building S2E3 Recap: The Last Day of Bunny Folger

Only Murders in the Building S2E3 Recap: The Last Day of Bunny Folger


Only Murders in the Building S2E3 Recap: The Last Day of Bunny Folger

The episode opens with Oliver trying to record the podcast, while Mrs. Gambalini the bird tells him to eff off. As he argues with the bird, Charles muses over the fact that he and Bunny could be related.


Mabel wants more details, so he explains and then tells them that he and Bunny once hooked up at a Christmas party. She wants to slap him for freaking out, but he calms down.


They all want answers, so Oliver and Charles try to imitate Bunny to get answers from the bird. Mabel wants them to focus, so they start focusing on what they know. She then finds receipts from the day Bunny died, leading to them trying to retrace her steps from the day she died.


This leads to a flashback of Mrs. Gambalini waking Bunny up on that fateful day, musing over the fact that it is her last day as board president, listening to a podcast over coffee and reading the paper about Jan’s arrest.


She talks to Mrs. Gambalini about inheriting the job from her mom as she lifts weights and recalls the advice she was given when she took on the job. She is a bit teary, but says no one will see her cry.


Later on, Bunny gets all dressed up to go shopping, even making plans to see a game with a street vendor. She runs into Lester and Ursula, who are eating cake outside. She yells at Lester for littering and threatens his job, calling him ‘useless as tits on a nun.’ Ursula gives her some invoices and tells her that things will fall apart without her. Bunny says it will be okay and she is planning on moving to Boca.

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As she continues on, she sees the trio with some friends recalling how they solved the murder. She yells at them for breaking rules, with Nina joining in and saying they should update the rules. The two of them walk off to discuss the new plans for the building. Bunny gives her some advice and stories about people in the building, while Nina focuses on inducing labor. Bunny wonders if she can handle everything with a new baby, but Nina insists she will give birth, strap the baby to her chest and continue on.


That afternoon, she discusses her plans to move with Uma. They banter a bit before splitting up and going their separate ways. Bunny then gets a phone call about the painting and tells the person they will not discuss it and to stop calling.


Bunny stops for lunch and chats with the waiter, who asks if her friend will be joining. She says no and gives her usual order. As she waits for food, she looks at her pamphlets and sees Oliver and Will talking. They go to say hello and she reminds Will he broke a window when he was ten….and never paid for it. As the men leave, Will wonders how she knew about it. Oliver says she is an actual witch.


Bunny pays for her food and gives the waiter a huge tip and some advice about not loving one thing. He asks her if she wants more tea and she quips that he finally heard her.

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When she gets home, she runs into Charles and Mabel in the elevator. They chat a bit when the elevator gets stuck. Bunny fixes it and Mabel admirably calls her a badass. As she leaves, she says she hates the heat.


Bunny arrives at her place to find the board members threw her a surprise party. Howard gives her a hat and goes to talk to the bird. Bunny gets down to business, but Nina says it is her last day and to relax. She gets upset and says she is no longer stepping down. Nina gets upset and makes Howard read the minutes where she is offered the position. Bunny thinks the building needs her and continues to argue with Nina about modernizing the building and how Nina wants the position. Nina tells her off and says she needs the building and wants to hold it hostage until she dies.


That night, the trio are hanging out while Bunny is cleaning her apartment. She hears them talking and brings them champagne. They give her a hoodie as her own gift and encourage her to try it on. She poses in it and they compliment her. As they day goodbye, they realize they should have asked her to join them. Oliver says he doesn’t think so, but they peek out and see her out there crying. They are all confused, but decide to invite her in. However, she is gone by the time they open the door again. As they decide to move the party to the roof, Charles (in a voiceover) realized they could have saved her with a simple act of kindness.

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The episode ends with Bunny watching TV as Mrs. Gambalini imitates a character. There is a knock on the door, leading to her murder….while Mabel walks into her own apartment.

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