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Masterchef Junior Recap for 6/2/2022

Masterchef Junior Recap for 6/2/2022

  • WOW! Alexander, the guy who won season one is back and he is all grown up. He just finished his first year of culinary school and looks so handsome.
  • The top five need to filet as many portions of salmon as possible in fifteen minutes. Alexander will join in on the judging. The winner will get immunity, while the others will face elimination.
  • I am glad Chef Gordon Ramsay is showing them how to filet the salmon (with Alexander helping), but ugh, it is so gross to watch.
  • It was so sweet of Grayson to help Ivy get her salmon because she is too little to reach it. The thing is bigger than she is! As someone who is 4’10” on a good day, I can relate.
  • All the kids seem to be struggling, but Ivy decides to do it little by little, making it a lot easier.
  • Liya wins immunity!
  • The remaining contestants need to make a dish with the salmon in 45 minutes.
  • Ivy’s dish is a salmon seafood bouillabaisse, which looks absolutely delightful. It lacks the strength of the traditional dish, but it tastes good.
  • Molly cooked a pan seared salmon with tomato sauce. It is a hit with the judges!
  • Eva made salmon en croute. The pastry is raw, which ends up ruining the dish. The salmon is also burned.
  • Grayson’s olive oil poached salmon looks unfinished, but they appreciate that he took risks.
  • It was so sweet the kids thanked Alexander for coming.
  • Molly and Ivy are SAFE!
  • Eva is eliminated.
  • Hour TWO!
  • The final four will be working with Dolph Ziegler, Natalya, Ember Moon, The Miz and Maryse from the WWE in a tag team challenge.
  • Just call me Chef Boy R Miz. Love him!
  • Dolph is a ramen noodle expert. He will be with Molly.
  • Liya and Natalya are together.
  • Ember Moon is with Grayson.
  • The Miz is with Ivy. Maryse is watching from the balcony.
  • The winner of this challenge gets to go to Wrestlemania.
  • They will be cooking various appetizers in an hour.
  • Seeing the kids boss these wrestlers around is hilarious.
  • Did The Miz hit Ivy in the nose with the tray? Or did he fall?
  • Poor Natalya dropped her poppers, but at least some of them were saved.
  • The Miz asking for more of the lobster roll was hilarious. He even argues with Chef Gordon Ramsay over whether or not it is too salty. Then He owns the mistakes.
  • No one should be sent home on this because it would not be fair.
  • Dolph may be my new favorite person because he has such a sense of humor over this.
  • The winner of this challenge is Liya and Natalya.
  • The elimination challenge is making truffled egg yolk ravioli. It must look and taste as good as Chef Gordon Ramsay’s or it could be the end of the line for them.
  • Molly’s dish is seasoned beautifully, but is also undercooked.
  • Grayson’s dish was a hit with the judges.
  • Liya’s pasta is too thick, but the mushrooms are delicious.
  • Ivy’s dish lacks mushrooms, but tastes delicious.
  • Molly is eliminated. We get a montage of her time on the show before she says goodbye.
  • More next week, stay tuned.
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