Celebrity Big Brother Recap for February 23, 2018

Welcome to another LIVE episode of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS….aka, the one with the double eviction.

Quick recap from the nomination ceremony: Mark nominated Brandi and Ari to break up their alliance. James is thrilled Brandi may be leaving and she thinks that her nomination is James’s fault.

Afterward, they discuss the nominations and, yeah, they’re so immature….I’m SO happy there is only one more episode after tonight.

Brandi says there is no more loyalty in the house and thinks that Ross will go with whomever has the power.

James tells Ari she is going to be fine, since they are going after Brandi.

Omarosa also worked with the Clinton administration? She actually talks a lot about her background and she is quite intelligent and interesting. I see her point, though….it makes better ‘news’ to say Omarosa from the Apprentice is working for the President than someone with her actual credentials. Someone makes a crack about a communications degree being an easy degree to get, and as someone who has one, no, it actually isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to learn law, ethics and a laundry list of other things….it is not just writing, filming and other ‘media’ stuff. It is easier than SOME degrees, but there is a lot of work put into getting a communications degree. I think it is one of the more versatile, but it is certainly not easy.

Anyway, time to find out how this double eviction works. Julie says nobody is safe. WOW, thank you Captain Obvious.

James and Brandi keep fighting and both of them are wearing on my nerves. Brandi also yells at Marissa for talking to James. Marissa was planning to save Brandi by winning the veto and putting up Omarosa, but now that Brandi went crazy, that is no longer happening.

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POV time! Brandi, Marissa, Ari, Omarosa, James and Mark are in this competition. They have to put together action figures using the features of each houseguest. Once each HG action figure is completed correctly, the one who does it the fastest wins.

Omarosa finishes first and actually has some cute quality time with Ross.

Ari wins! She plans to use the POV on herself, Mark plans to put Marissa up and goodbye Brandi!

Eviction time. Marissa talks about her cancer battle and Brandi talks about how we see the softer side of Omarosa and gives her some doll. She also shades James by saying nice things about everyone else.

James chooses to evict Brandi.

Ari chooses to evict Marissa.

Ross chooses to evict Brandi.

Omarosa chooses to evict Brandi.

Everyone says goodbye and she goes to talk to Julie. She basically finds James to be annoying and her mouth got her into trouble.

New HOH comp! They play a true or false game and the winner is HOH. I zone out during the questions, but James and Omarosa are tied. They settle it with a tie breaker and Omarosa wins.


The only thing I got from this competition is the fact that Omarosa is left handed. (I notice these things because I’m also left handed.)

Since this is gong super quick, she nominates Marissa and Ross for nomination.

POV comp! It looks like some weird scavenger hunt that goes so quick that Ross wins. Uh, yeah, I don’t know.

Now Omrosa has to pick a replacement nominee since he used the power on himself.


James and Marissa give their ‘save me’ speeches and then it is time to vote.

Ari votes to evict James.

Mark votes to evict Marissa.

Ross votes to evict James.

James is evicted from the Big Brother House. He will not date Brandi, but maybe in a different situation if he were drunk? I don’t know, nor do I care.

We have our final five! They are all going to finale night. Everyone except Omarosa will compete for HOH. There will be a POV, an eviction, another HOH, another eviction and the final two will be announced. The jury will then vote for the winner.

More Sunday! Stay tuned.

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