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ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Dubai Premiere Highlights and Snark

ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Dubai Snark and Highlights for 7/13/2022THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DUBAI -- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Dr. Sara Al Medani, Caroline Brooks, Carolne Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, Lesa Milan, Nina Ali -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/Bravo)

ICYMI: The Real Housewives of Dubai Premiere Highlights and Snark

  • Series premiere….the opening history is so fascinating. It is such a gorgeous place.
  • The introduction of each woman is awesome as well, it reminds me of the first Psych movie when they introduced Shawn, Ewan, etc.
  • Ayan, Sara, Caroline B., Lesa, Nina and Caroline S. are the housewives being featured on the show.
  • I am in awe of how Ayan can say ‘I am a badass bitch’ in four different languages.
  • Caroline S’s husband is HOT AF.
  • Why are Caroline S. and her husband still on the bed after the dog peed on it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to change the sheets?
  • Sergio is 27 and Caroline S. is 43…..get it, girl!
  • It still bugs me they were in the bed with dog pee and did nothing about it.
  • Nina and Caroline S. are the frenemies of the show, or so it seems.
  • From what I gather, Caroline S. is having a second wedding to Sergio for her family. She also wants to prove he isn’t a ‘toy boy.’
  • $1200 for an ice delivery….and the ice goes right into the pool…..all righty then!
  • Lesa seems to be a hands-on mom and her kids are so cute.
  • I have to say, the women on this show seem to be incredibly ambitious.
  • Caroline B. has two homes, rebuilt her life from scratch and is a single mom….what a badass!
  • It really bugs me how the women on these shows rarely say please and thank you when asking for things.
  • We can play tit for toot…..I think that sounds better than tit for tat, just saying.
  • Sergio not wanting a bachelor party is actually sweet. It’s even sweeter is was included in Caroline S’s party.
  • The hen night, which I guess is a bachelorette party, seems like it is going to be fun, but we all know it is going to end in a huge fight, because this is Real Housewives.
  • So Ayan is the Ramona/Rinna/Teresa of the group? From what these ladies are saying about her, it sure seems that way.
  • WTF is this hot dog in the bottle game? Like, WTF? If I ever get married, this game is banned from my bachelorette. It is banned from my life.
  • Alcohol is available in restaurants and other such places, but cannot be purchased in convenience stores or the like. It is very interesting to learn the different things in their culture. Strippers are also illegal.
  • Wow, a party ending without a fight? It is a Real Housewives miracle!
  • I would be terrified to walk on a glass floor as well.
  • I am very interested in learning how things in Dubai is becoming more accepting of certain modern things, such as divorce, single parents, etc.
  • I am really into crystals as well and I am curious to see how they are represented on the show.
  • So Caroline S. is going to be Caroline C. now?
  • Now we are having a classic Real Housewives fight!
  • Waving around sage during that fight is such a MOOD!
  • More next week, stay tuned!
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