ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 6/1/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 6/1/2022

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 6/1/2022

Group 1: Willie (season 5), Derrick (season 2), Tommy (season 6) and Micah (season 10)

Derrick: deep fried shrimp with corn pudding–Well done, but could have been more punchy.

Willie: Cajian halibut–Beautifully cooked, but could have used a bit of lemon or lime.

Tommy: Quail in a nest–Beautifully seasoned and cooked, but the pastry was a bit bland.

Micah: yuzu ricotta fritter with blackberries–it is delicious, but a tad undercooked.

WINNERS: Willie and Tommy


Group 2: Cate (season 8) Sarah (season 10), Daniel (season 8) and Michael (season 10)

Cate: mushroom venison loin–It is cooked perfectly, but the sauce and crust were lacking

Daniel: prosciutto wrapped cod–It is cooked beautifully, but he can improve on the plating.

Sarah: Duck breast–Perfectly cooked, but she needs to work on marrying flavors better.

Michael: Mexican street corn grits with filet mignon–It is restaurant quality.

WINNERS: Michael and Cate


Group 3: Brien (season 8), Newton (season 8), Bowen (season 9) and Stephen (season 6)

Brien: Filet O’Brien–The steak had a grainy taste.

Newton: Filet mignon–Cooked beautifully, but too much heat.

Bowen: Filet mignon pot stickers–Delicious and action packed.

Stephen: Rabbit and donuts–Psychedelic.

WINNERS: Stephen and Bowen

Group 4: Shayne, Dara and Tae-Ho (the Masterchef Junior kiddos!)

Tae-Ho: ‘Sleeping Beef with yuzu’–The beef was undercooked, but the sear and cheeses to the yuzu added made it delicious.

Shayne: Risotto with catfish–it was delicious, but could have used citrus instead of a cream sauce.

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Dara: Chinese cod with Bok choy and broth–Delicious and well done.

WINNERS: Dara and Shayne

More next week, stay tuned!

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