ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 7/20/22

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 7/20/22

ICYMI: Masterchef Back to Win Recap for 7/20/22

  • Chef Tiffany is in the house for a fusion challenge!
  • This is a huge challenge for most people since they have to choose different countries as inspiration for their Southern fusion dishes.
  • Poor Shayne has Ethiopian food……and has no idea how to cook said dish.
  • It seems like everyone is trying to be creative when it comes to cooking tonight, especially if they have no clue how to make food from that particular country.
  • Bowen was so focused on flavors that he almost forgot to cook his lamb! He is going to have to hustle now.
  • Dara’s jambalaya and filets sound so delicious.
  • Poor Bowen is struggling and in tears, I just want to hug him.
  • Derrick’s General Tso’s chicken and waffles sounds so delicious.
  • Poor Shayne’s food is now burning….poor kid. He is really struggling tonight.
  • Now Christian’s chicken isn’t temping properly….I hope it ends up working for him.
  • Seeing the judges going around and tasting each dish always makes me so nervous.


The top 3:

  • Shelly: Mustard fried catfish influenced by Spain—it is delicious, simple and elegant.
  • Emily: Crispy chicken thigh influenced by Thailand—it is exceptional and nailed the fusion elements.
  • Christian: Jerk fried chicken influenced by Jamaica—it is succulent and delicious.

Christian wins immunity!

The bottom 3:

  • Bowen: Rack of lamb influenced by Israel–the lamb is butchered and badly executed, but still tasted good.
  • Shayne: Chicken fried steak influenced by Ethiopia–it is a mess and lacks flavor and execution.
  • Bri: Grilled shrimp summer rolls influenced by Vietnam–it tastes okay, but the flavors don’t go together.
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As an aside, Shayne comforting Bowen was so sweet.

Shayne is eliminated. Everyone hugging him was beautiful, as were the words of wisdom from the judges.


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