ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Louisville, Bubbaroo and Sully

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Louisville, Bubbaroo and Sully

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Louisville, Bubbaroo and Sully

The episode opens with Gina and Mrs. Ludlum talking about the rising laundry bills. Gina suggests serving less soup when Gabby puts a call in through her lawyer. She says she needs to take the call alone.

Norma, Spencer, Peter, Bette and Jerry are eating breakfast when Mrs. Ludlum tells them about the call. They all freak out and blame each other because they assume Gina is selling the place.

Gina walks in and they all promise to be good. She assures them that everything is fine, the lawyer was calling because of previous legal issues. Mrs. Ludlum says that this is how rumors get started.

Drew and Harry are driving and arguing over how to properly pronounce Louisville when the check engine light comes on. The van begins to smoke up, so they pull over to assess the damage.

Peter introduces his son Kyle to Gina. He is a lawyer and promises to help get Gina off. She is happy and says she remembers his pictures on benches because she sat on his face.

The gang is watching football when Gideon comes in with Norma’s meds. She says she needs something stronger and flips him off when he says no.

Bette joins them, causing Spencer to run away. She asks Norma what is going on and how she deals with rejection. This causes her to get flipped off as well.

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Drew and Harry go to get the van fixed. However, the guy in charge Roy, says it would cost them 2 grand. Harry thinks this is a rip off and says they will fix it themselves. Drew thinks Roy is a standup guy because he sells stamps. Harry keeps insisting, so Drew says they will pass on the water pump but take two books of forever stamps.

They go to fix it, but Harry gets hurt and insists Drew fix it. Drew wants to take it to the garage, but Harry says it he has to put the engine together first.

Gina is doing her toenails when Kyle stops by her office. He tells her he got her off and since she is so good to Peter, there is no charge. She insists on paying him, so he says she can take him to dinner.

Gina goes to tell Norma and Gabby about it. They wonder what is happening with Drew, but she insists it is nothing and not interesting. As she walks away, she runs into Peter and tells him about the dinner. He asks if Holly will be joining them. Gina asks who she is, and it turns out Holly is Kyle’s wife.

Gina tells Gabby what is going on with Kyle and goes to call him. She demands to know what is going on and it turns out that he and Holly got divorced three years ago. They realize that Peter is developing dementia. Gina agrees to talk to Peter and keep Kyle posted. Gabby is also sad, but happy Kyle is single.

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Drew continues to work on the van but keeps getting frustrated. Harry encourages him to continue on and that he can do it.

Gina goes to talk to Peter about Kyle and Holly. He thinks there was some sort of miscommunication, but she wants to make sure he is okay. He ends up getting angry and storming off.


Bette goes to talk to Spencer and asks him why she is avoiding him. He confesses he freaked out because he hasn’t been with a woman since his wife died. He wants to take it slow and see where things go. She agrees and they joke about being gal pals.


Drew fixed the van, thanks to Harry’s encouragement. It turned out Harry faked his injury to help Drew see is is capable of doing it on his own. They hug it out.


The episode ends with Gina bringing Peter apology cookies and noticing the post it wall that helps him remember things.

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