ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Integration Therapy

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Integration Therapy

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Integration Therapy

The episode opens with Drew (Thomas Middleditch) at a restaurant with a book. The waiter asks him if he is waiting for someone and he says he is alone, but kind of on a date with Toni Robinson. He orders some sparkling water after jokingly asking the book is she wants a drink.


He looks up to see Julia (Sara Rue), who is there for a friend’s birthday. He feels left out, especially when more friends arrive. Julia tells him everyone probably didn’t want him to feel awkward.


After she leaves, the waiter comes to take his order, which is the tilapia and broccoli instead of the steak and fries he wants since he has a craving not to die. When he hears his friends cheering, he asks the waiter to take it to him at the bus bench.


When he gets home, Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) is working on her bike, causing her to joke that she is like his dad and him to reminisce about working with his dad. She wonders what happened at dinner, so he fills her in what happened and how Julia maintained the friendships. Gina thinks this is a good way for him to make new friends.


At dialysis, Gideon(Darryl Stephens)  says he broke up with the guy he was dating and depression baked. As he offers everyone cookies, Gina comes in to invite everyone to their party Saturday night. Jerry (David Anthony Higgins)is in, as is Eli (Terrence Terrell), who will come after an NFL event. Samantha (Briga Heelan) makes fun of the fact that he always mentions his Super Bowl ring. Drew tries to talk Gina out of the party, but everyone agrees to go, even Samantha, who says that she was looking for an excuse to get out of her sister’s baby shower. Gideon also agrees to go, since he has nothing else to do.

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In the car, Drew yells at Gina, who says that this may be a good thing for everyone. She says Jerry RSVPed seven times and wants to know if it is a shoes on or shoes off party. Drew says shoes off and sets down ground rules, making Gina snark about how she may have to nap before the party.


The day of the party, everyone is on the couch, bored out of their minds. Drew offers to play ‘charahds,’ leading to Gideon to sarcastically ask for another vodka and ‘lemonahd.’ Jerry gets the joke, while Samantha says she chose the wrong party to go to.


Drew talks to Gina about the party being a disaster and she thinks she can fix it with ecstasy, but instead gives everyone beer and a tour of the house. Eli loves the house, but Samantha is snarky about what it is worth on Zillow.


The party continues with games and karaoke, which Drew is NOT good at. However, Gina and Gideon bond by being game partners and doing a duet.


Gina gets a phone call telling her she has to go to work. He begs her to stay, but she says she has to go. He thinks everyone will leave when she does and she calls him out for letting people out of his life, especially when he implies that they won’t stay in touch after the donation.


As the donors joke about whether or not Gina and Drew sleep together, Drew comes in with red pepper ‘muy caliente’ hummus. They wonder where Gina went and once they found out she is gone, they all try to leave. However, they get to talking about being in dialysis and their own stories. Jerry says he looks forward to see them each session.  Eli says his event was a bust because everyone knows they can end up like him. After Drew comforts him, Samantha admits nobody knows she is in dialysis and she skipped the baby shower because she knows she might not have the chance to be a mom. Gideon tells his coming out story, which causes Drew to joke that he should lead the room. They all laugh and continue to bond.

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Gina continues to fix her bike while talking to Gabby (Kether Donahue) and Norma (Linda Lavin)about her friendship with Drew. She says he is her first good for her friend and she doesn’t want to lose him. Norma tells her to enjoy it while it lasts. They then reminisce about feeding ducks on acid and who was actually there.


As the party comes to an end, everyone hugs goodbye, except for Samantha. Gina comes home and is happy they all had a good time. They talk a bit about friendship and she tells him to enjoy it while it lasts, much like Norma told her to do. She says the bike is officially dead as they clean up.


The episode ends with Drew giving Gina a car, saying she can give him ten dollars a month and they will meet at that time to have dinner and see a movie.

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