ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Open Heart Surgery

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Open Heart Surgery

"Open Heart Surgery" -- Gina needs to keep herself together to pass a psych evaluation while dealing with the news of an ex's engagement, on B POSITIVE, Thursday, Jan. 21 (8:31-9:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (L-R): Thomas Middleditch as Drew and Annaleigh Ashford as Gina. Photo Credit: Robert Voets/ 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Drew(Thomas Middleditch)  is doing laundry when he finds a pair of Gina’s (Annaleigh Ashford) panties. He is trying to figure out what to do with it when she walks in, asking if they need a minute. He gets flustered and says he will wash it later, putting them in his pocket. He thinks that is creepy and she responds by saying she has a matching bra if he wants to put on a pervy puppet show.


She says she got back from a doctor’s appointment. He asks if it was for the kidney donation. She says yes and he asks why it was not on their shared calender. She then adds it, and he says it is too late to add it.


Gina then fills him in on everything, including how she stole some unknown tubes of goo. She also needs a psych evaluation, which surprised her. Drew tells her it was in the pamphlet, which was three pages with mostly pictures. She argues that no one said there was going to be reading. However, she thinks it will be fine because she proved to be mentally unsound to get out of jury duty, so now she can do the opposite. Drew is worried about this, causing them to banter back and forth.


At dialysis, Drew tells Gideon (Darryl Stephens), Samantha (Brigga Heelan), Jerry (David Anthony Higgins) and Eli (Terrence Terrell) about Gina’s psych evaluation. Samantha tells him ways Gina can mess it up, making Drew nervous. Gideon tells him to get a copy of the questions. Drew thinks this is cheating, but the others convince him to go for it.

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Drew comes home to find Gina making beer to export to Germany. He asks if she has a license and she says she can make one, just like she made the labels. She thinks that is a good way to make money since the legal drinking age in Germany is fourteen.

ICYMI: B Positive Recap for Open Heart Surgery

As they go over the questions Drew got a copy of, Gina gets a text from Gabby to not check Instagram. Of course, she checks it and asks Drew if he thinks the woman in the picture is pretty. He says yes and she hits him, only to get a stiff drink of water. She explains that it was a picture of her ex’s new girlfriend and continues to freak out.


The next day, she is driving her patients, telling them about her ex having a new girlfriend. Norma (Linda Lavin) and Mr. Knudsen try to comfort her, with Mr. Knudsen (Bernie Kopell) not really helping. However, Norma tells her she loves her, continuing to offer her words of wisdom.


At the evaluation, Drew introduces Gina to the receptionist, Paula (Lyn Alicia Henderson). She asks if he always talks for her and tells them to sit down. He begins to freak out, so Gina offers him meds. Drew wonders why she has them and she asks him why he doesn’t and goes on Instagram. She sees a picture of her ex announcing his engagement and freaks out, causing Drew to not only freak out, but to also like the post. Gina begins to scream she wants to die and he tries to make her realize she needs to calm down for the appointment. The doctor walks in to get Gina, but Drew tells her she is sick. However, Gina says she is well enough to do the appointment.

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As Gina walks in, Drew asks Paula if she would donate her kidney. As he waits, he tries to listen in on Gina’s appointment, only to be stopped by Paula. He ends up driving her crazy, so he goes outside and tries listening in through the window.


Meanwhile, Gina is telling the therapist (Jessica Tuck) about her friendship with Drew, only to be caught by him listening in.


On the way home, Gina is miffed with Drew for his behavior. She thinks he is using her, but says she passed the evaluation and he will still get her kidney. She finally admits that her ex boyfriend was actually her ex fiance, who proposed when they were on stage and hammered. She admits she got scared and ghosted him, which is something she regrets, saying she is a train wreck.


He tells her she is more of a car wreck that crashes into a truck into a train. He then offers to take her to her happy place, which is CVS’s beauty department. They bond over his divorce as they shop and then she dares him to steal something. He grabs something, realizes there are cameras and runs.


Drew goes back to dialysis, where he and his friends there discuss their ones who got away. He shares his gum that he stole, thinking it makes him tough.


The episode ends with Drew and Gina making a beer commercial. Norma watches, saying she loves Gina, but not the beer.

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