ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Date

ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Date

ICYMI: How We Roll Recap for The Date


The episode opens with Jen and Tom getting annoyed with Helen’s habit of overchilling the fridge and misusing Jen’s salon scissors. When she goes upstairs to help Sam, Jen says they need to set boundaries and get her a hobby.


Later on, Lew and Archie are trying to help Tom better his game and social media presence. Lew wants him to take acting classes, while Archie talks about things he learned from random people online.


Jen is working with a client, only to be annoyed by Helen. Jen suggests a hobby or a date, but the client thinks she should just get a ferret.


Back at the bowling alley, Helen stops by to tell Archie that she will go on a date with him. It turns out he asked her out ten years ago, but never gave him an answer. Lew thinks it is romantic, but Tom wants to get back to work…..only to freak out. He says only call her if he wants to and to not make her feel rejected.

Carl tells him he was in a similar situation ans turned out fine. Tom disagrees.


Tom goes home to tell Jen the news. He is freaking out, but Jen convinces him everything it will be fine. However, he keeps freaking out.


That night, Tom continues to freak out, but Jen once again thinks it will be fine.

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Helen comes in to show off her dress, while having her own freak out. Tom and Jen comfort her, with Jen even offering to go with them. Helen thinks this is a good idea, which only upsets Tom.


Lew babysits Sam and compliments the ladies. Helen is confused, but thanks him for the compliment. Jen  remembers she promised to bake brownies for the bake sale, but Lew agrees to help.


The date is awkward, with Tom making things worse with his comments and refusing to let them order wine. As he freaks out, Lew calls, asking if they have a hand sifter. It turns out he is baking several things for the bake sale. Sam wants to know what he is bringing, so Lew makes a suggestion that makes Sam think he will get bullied.


The date continues to be more awkward, so Tom and Jen leave before getting their food. Archie snarks that he hates when people bring children to the restaurant.


At home, Tom is freaking out. He admits he never saw Helen this happy with anyone except his dad….and that Archie was his best friend. He thinks it is a bad thing, but Jen thinks it is fine and that Archie fulfilling his dad’s promise to watch over him.Tom calms down and makes up with Jen.


Later on, Helen and Archie come home and enjoy coffee with Tom preparing them for a second date. However, he gave them the desserts Lew made for the bake sale.


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Helen thanks Tom and then goes back to Archie. They decide to call it a night, but he offers to buy her a donut the next morning.


The episode ends with Tom making sure Archie will take care of his mom and Lew serving dinner to Carl a special dinner, which Archie wants to make a big thing….until he hears the price.

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