Will Trent Recap for 5/14/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/9/2024

Will Trent Recap for 4/9/2024

-Will and Antonio bringing their dogs to their first meeting is kid of sweet.

-I really hope this bond lasts and Will doesn’t get hurt.

-Is the stamp on the judge’s hand the same place where Antonio works? I really hope he isn’t connected.

-Amanda’s car rules and Michael’s third grade math problems is somehow on brand with this group.

-The judge Deirdre was at a drag club? I didn’t have that on my bingo card.

-Wait, Deirdre’s son is one of the drag queens? I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

-I’ve been to Afghanistan, I can figure out how to French braid Cooper’s hair! Michael is so cute to try and learn and for asking Faith for help.

-BonBon Chiffon, Wig Protection Detail.

-I’m a lawyer, performer and live a rich entertainment life.

-Gabe and his stepdad Dalton are more or less accusing each other of killing Deirdre, both of them have suspicious cast on them….but did one of them do it? Was it the daughter?

-Who is this guy Deirdre was with before she died?

-Faith is questioning a murder suspect who is protesting the drag club, while said murder suspect gets arrested for vandalism and antagonizing the drag queen….and Michael is questioning BonBon Chiffon about how to do French braids. Seems legit.

-This line of questioning Michael is doing to get Barrett to confess is…..quite interesting.

-Anita Subpoena is Will’s drag name.

-Vanilla envelope is the new manila envelope.

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-BonBon needs to be a recurring character…..as does Josiah the lawyer.

-Angie convincing Will to meet Antonio is so sweet, especially since he is so invested in the case.

-Michael trying to play daddy and solve the case is adorable.

-Why do I have a feeling  these two ‘brothers’ of Antonio’s are going to make Will’s life miserable?

-Gabe confessed to killing his mother but was super obvious in getting rid of the evidence (AND was super quick to confess!) makes me think that he is covering for someone—the sister maybe?

-Ah, so Gabe did cover for his sister! I knew it!

-Seeing Rowan break down is making me so sad….it seems like she had a tough childhood. I love how Will and Angie are talking her down and Gabe is trying to help her.

-Barrett was caught at the drag club, got fired and is blaming the club for it, hence the protests and anger.  He is also arrested again.

-Wait, did Rowan and Gabe get arrested or just leave together?

-Michael getting braiding advice from BonBon will forever live rent free in my brain.

-Nico calling Will six times about Michael’s party (which he never answered, hence not knowing anything about the party) seems pretty on brand.

-Antonio bringing Lucy’s things is so sweet.

-Nico convincing Will to invite Antonio to the party is what Will needed….and a beautiful thing.

-Josiah bringing Cooper flowers….I love it! Also, Cooper’s braids are so cute!

-Antonio is even holding Betty!

-More in three weeks, stay tuned.

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