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In Pursuit With John Walsh: Kevin Anderson, Martin Munoz and Marcelo Gomez

In Pursuit With John Walsh: Kevin Anderson, Martin Munoz and Marcelo Gomez
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In Pursuit With John Walsh: Kevin Anderson, Martin Munoz and Marcelo Gomez

Case 1: Kevin Anderson

Place: Sumner, Wisconsin

Date: June 16, 2020

On June 16, 2020, police in Jefferson County responded to what seemed like a robbery. When they arrived to the scene, they realized that they were looking at a homicide.

The Murder

One of the cops revealed that as he was responding to the call, he found the body of a female victim. More shots were fired, so he called for backup as he tried to stay out of sight. He also noticed that the property was on fire.

At this point, they got a drone to help look for more evidence. This is when they realized the victims were husband and wife Jim and Nedra Lemke, who were highly regarded and well loved in the community. At the time of their deaths, they were looking after the property which was owned by Nedra’s recently deceased father.


Why and Who

Nobody could figure out why the couple was killed, but as family members arrived, they revealed that Kevin Anderson, who was Nedra’s brother had been feuding with the family. Authorities became more suspicious when they discover Kevin’s truck at the property.

As family members tried to make sense of everything, Kevin had disappeared.


Kevin’s Disturbing Life

Authorities began a search for Kevin and turned to the community for help.

It is discovered that Kevin had a long rap sheet and a history of violence and alcohol abuse.

They also discover he was the black sheep of the family and upset that he was not executor of the will or left the farmhouse where the Lemkes lived.


Later on, it is learned that Kevin knew the Lemkes would be at the farmhouse because they called him to get the keys for the shed. It is believed he was waiting for them to arrive so he can commit the heinous murder.

Despite getting many leads, there is no sign of Kevin.


Kevin is 63 years old, 6 feet tall and around 180 lbs. He has graying brown hair, blue eyes and a gray beard. He is a hunter, outdoorsman and known to be a heavy drinker. There is a $10,000 reward for his capture.


15 Seconds of Shame 1:

Alexander Keen Grant is wanted for statutory rape charges in Massachusetts that stem back to 2012. He has ties to the Northeast, Kentucky and Arizona.


Missing Child 1:

Sixteen year old Kamaria Johnson was last seen on May 25th, 2021 by Lake Drive in Radcliffe, Kentucky. She is 5’5”, 150 lbs and has brown eyes. Her hair is braided and she wears glasses.


Case 2: Martin Munoz

Place: Corpus Christi, Texas

Date: May 31, 2016

On May 31, 2016, authorities learned that there was a pedophile on the run…..but little did they know that they would soon be searching for two fugitives.

Cal begins by interviewing authorities about the case, which involved a mother reporting a child being molested by a man known as Martin Munoz. It turns out he was the father of the woman’s kids and was abusing them all. (Out of respect for the victims, specific details were left out of the recap.)


Who Is Martin?

Cal goes on to interview family members, who describe him as being very controlling of his kids and family, and a ‘low-life.’

Inspector Hannah Word questioned his mother Lucy, who said he was in Mexico after initially refusing to cooperate.

A Surprise Break

A few months later, there was a break in the case, due to a cop’s son being killed in a hit and run accident. The killer was none other than Marcelo Gomez, who was Martin’s stepfather.He has been on the run since 1997.

The Family Speaks Out

Cal talks to the family of the hit and run victim, who talk about the tragedy and hearing Marcelo’s name for the first time. They want both men caught and brought to justice.

Authorities think that Marcelo is helping Martin due to their bond and because he might not be aware of the truth behind his escape. They also think Martin is not only still assaulting children, but he might be killing them so they remain quiet.


Martin is 5’6”, 185 lbs and has black hair and brown eyes, as well as a star tattoo with writing on his chest. He has known connections in Victoria, Texas and with the Calaveras Biker Club.


Marcelo is 5’7”, 150 lbs and has brown eyes and black, graying hair. He is a Mexican national and has family in San Ls Potosi, Mexico.


15 Seconds of Shame 2:

Jorge Siqueros is wanted for the 1998 murder of an 18 year old woman. He fled Washington State and is possibly living in Mexico or or Texas.


Missing Child 2:

Thirteen year old Deja Gleason was last seen leaving Shiloh House, a residential facility in Thornton, Colorado on July 13, 2016. It is believed that she left on her own accord due to her history of running away At the time, she left with another friend, who has since been located.

Deja would be eighteen today.





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