The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Ice Queen of the Desert

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Ice Queen of the Desert

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap for Ice Queen of the Desert

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo opens with everyone still in La Quinta. The house (especially the kitchen) is a huge mess with food and dishes everywhere.


Lisa tries to make coffee while everyone comes down, tired and hung over after an impromptu dance party the night before.

(Sammi thought: Yes, Lisa, you need a filter to make a pot of coffee. I have known that since I was five and made my mom coffee. You know, after the mixing grinds with water fiasco of 1989!)

As they get coffee and breakfast, there is a story about Tom being in the hospital and how there are new allegations coming out every day. Kyle feels bad for Erika since she is dealing with so much.

Erika comes over to join the ladies since she was at the hotel. She decides to stay home and rest while the others go biking. Dorit feels bad for her, but wishes she felt more comfortable sharing things with the group.

(Sammi thought: Again, such hypocrisy from these women after how they treated Denise!)


Kyle, Dorit, Lisa and Crystal go biking, followed by breakfast. As they eat, Kathy calls, wanting a straw and chia seeds for her bike. Kyle promises her straw, but not the seeds.

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The conversation moves to Erika (of course) and how this is all affecting her financially. They all know she won’t get a penny from Tom and there is probably no penny TO get at this point.

Later on, everyone is back at the house discussing how Tom has a house in the area, but Erika has NO idea of where it is or who is using it. Kathy offers to play detective to get more answers.

(Sammi thought: So now this is the Real Housewives of Fake Detectives? Since there is a pineapple there, are they auditioning for a new Psych movie where Jules and Selene  go undercover as  Housewives to take someone down?)


Croquet time….which is just code for more gossip time. Garcelle isn’t there, but is at the hotel because of COVID. They do try to play for about thirty seconds, but then go back home.

(Sammi thought: How is Lisa still surprised that Garcelle wants nothing to do with her for the most part? Also, what is up with her throwing her legs in the air all the time?)

Crystal and Garcelle meet up and talk about Erika. Garcelle is surprised that Tom was cheating because Erika told her he was NOT cheating when they talked the previous month.

Everyone meets up at Kyle’s for drinks and fun times together. Erika talks about how she never knew how to deposit money or use a debit card, which surprises the others.

As they eat, they banter with Kathy and Garcelle before letting Erika know they found the mystery house…..and that it was sold in 2018. This leads to them explaining finances to Erika and how she can find out everything Tom owns so she can get half.

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The next day, Erika goes hiking with Garcelle and Crystal, while everyone else goes shopping.

Shopping includes drinks and funky outfits. Sutton looks like the love child of a Sesame Street Muppet and a college girl on an eighties night bar crawl, while Kathy rocks nerd glasses and a hat, so Kyle Facetimes Nicky Hilton to show her.

(Sammi thought: I thought Kathy looked cute?)

On the hike, Garcelle asks Erika questions about her marriage and the lawsuits, as well as why she got divorced. She admits things were on credit cards and she got cash when she asked for it. She talks about how things began falling apart during her Broadway run and getting calls from his lawyers crying.

Oh, and Tom calls her now? I am so confused.

(Sammi thought: I am sooooo confused! I had an easier time following my senior year math class than anything Erika has said this season.)


At dinner, the ladies nosh on tacos Kathy got while talking about Erika a-freaking-gain. Garcelle brings up their earlier conversation, which upsets Erika. She says she does mind her saying that and admits that Tom calls her.

(Sammi thought: How can anyone believe anything Erika says anymore? Also, I now want a taco.)

Garcelle doesn’t know why Erika is screaming at her because she thought she wanted to be open. Erika begins to cry and go after Garcelle, while Lisa comforts her. She goes into the bathroom, while everyone else is very confused. Crystal explains that in the car, Erika said she didn’t want to talk about it, but Garcelle wasn’t there yet, so she didn’t know.

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Sutton is confused since she thought Garcelle asked a valid questions. Erika continues to cry.


More next week, stay tuned!


Sammi’s final thoughts:

Garcelle shouldn’t have said anything, but I can see where it was a misunderstanding.


Erika’s story has more holes than Swiss cheese and I have no clue what she is even talking about anymore.


Other than the shopping trip and confessionals, Sutton seemed quiet this episode.


Kathy never used the straw.


They never did the decorating they discussed.


How come Kathy rarely goes on the excursions with the ladies?


Again, justice for Denise and I will die on this damn hill. She didn’t discuss a possible hookup that wasn’t anyone’s business and got bullied off the show.  Erika is involved in an actual scandal and practically being sent into sainthood by these ladies. I don’t get it. Is it because she won’t shush them during threesome talks?




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