The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/12/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/12/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/12/2023

-April, Susan, Kathy and Nancy have an alliance called ASKN, because they are asking or telling….or something. Apparently, they think this is Big Brother and not Golden Bachelor.

-ASKN is upset over Theresa getting a one-on-one date and it seems like they also have no idea how a dating show works?

-Everyone is on a group date this week…..which is a talent show. Yeah, I don’t know.

-Kaitlyn Bristowe will join Jesse and Gerry in judging the show. She tells them that the winner will get a one-on-one date.

-This whole thing talent show is super-cringe….

-Joan wins the dinner with Gerry….which upsets Leslie.

-During the date, Joan talks about how her daughter had a baby fifteen days ago and how it was a complicated birth. The two of them bond and he gives her a rose.

-The next morning, Joan gets a call from her daughter, saying that something happened, and she needs her. She talks to the women and says that she is leaving the show to be with her daughter because you never stop being (or needing) mommy.

-Joan tells Gerry what happened and how she needs to go home. He is upset, but he understands.

-Fashion designer Michael Costello arrives to whisk Ellen away for her one-on-one, which includes shopping and time with Gerry.

-Modeling the dress in front of the other women is kind of rude, just saying.

-Gerry gives Ellen jewelry to go with her new outfit and takes her on a hot air balloon ride….and then gives her a rose.

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-Kathy and Theresa have some sort of beef over Theresa talking about her date and Kathy being jealous.

-Kathy whines…..and jokes about taking a rose if she doesn’t get one….and whines.

-Edith tries to be understanding about the whole thing, which is sweet.

-Kathy continues to whine.

-April says women should be quiet about their connections with Gerry, which Theresa thinks is a hint toward her.

–Gerry takes time to talk to the women….and to kiss them.

-Theresa tries to get to the bottom of the drama because she has no idea what she did wrong and wants to fix it.

-Kathy talks to Gerry about the Theresa drama….complete with tears. She doesn’t mention her by name, but cries and says she just wants him to be happyyyyyyy. He is impressed with this and gives her a rose early. Because whining and crying gets you what you want no matter what age.

-She is happy now because of course she is….and she runs into the room to show it off….all while saying she is all better.

-Theresa talks to Kathy about their issues. Kathy says she felt upset about how Theresa talked about her connection with Gerry. Theresa tries to apologize because she seems to truly have no idea how she made her feel, but Kathy isn’t having any of it.

-Theresa is now upset and talks to Gerry. The other women feel like they are in the middle of the drama.

-Gerry tells Theresa to let it go if she truly believes she wasn’t acting boastful like Kathy claimed she was.

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Rose Ceremony! Kathy and Ellen already have roses. Joan left due to her family emergency.

-Faith–motorcycle lady

-Sandra–sweet one who reminds me of Claire Huxtable

-Leslie–the dancer

-Nancy–part of the alliance

Susan–part of the alliance

April–part of the alliance


Final Rose Tonight:

-Theresa–fighting with Kathy



Edith–sweet one with cute fashion sense

Christina–no clue


-Theresa talks to Kathy about her chat with Gerry, which Kathy says she should keep to herself…..even though Kathy would have done the same thing in her shoes.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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