Big Brother 23 Recap for August 4, 2021: Was the POV Used?

Big Brother 23 Recap for August 4, 2021: Was the POV Used?

Big Brother 23 Recap for August 4, 2021: Was the POV Used?

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother 23 opens with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Whitney and Hannah are on the block, but as of now HOH Christian says there is no target.

Whitney is angry, while Hannah thinks she is a pawn. However, in the event that she is not, she vows to go for blood. Derek X is also mad because the Royal Flush alliance did not notify him about Hannah going on the block.

Christian decides Hannah will be a pawn after all, which thrills Xavier, but upsets Sarah Beth. Whitney tries to plead her case with Xavier and Christian, but no avail. She is now the target for real…..and her tears are not helping her case.

Derek asks why they nominated Hannah and it turns out that it was because they didn’t want to piss off two teams. He is now unsure as to who should get his loyalty. He wants to save Hannah if he wins POV, but feels loyalty to his alliance.

POV! Derek, Azah and Claire join Whitney, Christian and Hannah are playing. Before we get to that, Big D wants them to clean, Azah falls into Xavier’s arms and he helps her up.

Xavier seems to be the hottie of the house, but doesn’t want a showmance.

Oh, and Tiffany and Sarah Beth are suddenly against each other….and want to target Hannah.

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The POV comp begins and it seems to take forever. It is one of those ball rolling comps that look like those Chuck-e-Cheese games.

Christian finally wins and decides not to use the POV!

Eviction tomorrow, stay tuned.

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