The Bachelor Recap for 1/25/2021: Rumors, Roses and Rookies

The Bachelor Recap for 1/25/2021: Rumors, Roses and Rookies
The Bachelor Recap for 1/25/2021: Rumors, Roses and Rookies

Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor on ABC opens with the remaining girls talking about Sarah’s departure. Victoria is happy about it and wants to continue to trash her, but Katie puts a stop to it and tells her to be quiet. Victoria refuses to, and they argue.


Matt spends time with the girls who were supposed to be on the group date. It looks like it is just the cocktail party part of the date, where he mingles with the girls.


MJ says she worries about him.


Abigail also checks in on him and how he was doing.


Chelsea talks about growing up black and dealing with her hair, saying that she felt free once she shaved her head. He loves her story and is glad she shared it with him.


Victoria tells Katie she owes her an apology and that she can express herself by name calling. Katie says she is rude, but Victoria says it is the other way around, saying she is not ready for an engagement because she has her dildo.


Cocktail party time! Victoria compares herself to Elsa and I honestly have no clue what to do with that information.


The girls take turns talking to Matt and kissing him. While he is talking to Victoria, Chris Harrison steals him away to talk. In a twist we have never seen before (although if you want to get technical, they did do something similar on Jillian’s season), Matt meets five new girls.


Brittany is a model who greets him with a kiss.


Michelle is from Minnesota.


We don’t see much with Ryan or Kimberly’s entrances, but Catalina is a beauty queen from Puerto Rico.

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Matt feels overwhelmed, Victoria is nasty to the other girls and everyone else is confused and angry.


Victoria goes back to Matt, only to be interrupted by Brittany, who admits there is a lot of tension in the house. The other new girls also talk to Matt, making the house even more tense.


The girls are giving the newbies an attitude, with Anna being one of the ringleaders. It turns out she knows Brittany and has some dirt on her. Everyone else continues to be angry, with Victoria calling Brittany names in her ITM.


Rose Ceremony:

Serena P, Rachael and Chelsea all have roses.


MJ (the one with the awesome hair)

Pieper (no clue)

Bri (one who got first one on one)

Magi (the one from Ethiopia)

Michelle (new girl from Minnesota)

Mari (the one who keeps complaining tonight)

Ryan (New girl 3)

Kit (the fashionista)

Serena C (the PR girl)

Abigail (first impression girl)

Katie (girl who defended Sarah)

Victoria (Queen/Mean girl)

Lauren (who?)

Brittany (New girl/model)

Jessenia (Who?)

Anna (one who has dirt on Brittany)


Final Rose Tonight:

Catalina (Beauty Queen)



Khaylah (pick up truck girl)

Kimberly (new girl 4)

Kaili (no clue)


The next day, Chris comes in to talk to the girls. Victoria is still planning on making the girls miserable, while the new girls feel the tension.


Mari, Bri, Abigail, Brittany, Ryan, Catalina, Magi, Anna and Victoria are on this date. Anna is mad because she thinks Brittany is starting drama…but how?


Matt talks to Ben Higgins about the process and where to go from here. He is also hosting the date, which is an obstacle course with a fall theme. The winner gets a very special prize.

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The race begins! Magi gets stuck in the water on her rowboat, while Victoria hides Brittany’s acorn. She also snarks on the new girls, saying that she will show them who is the queen.


Mari wins! Her prize is a bag of nuts. Everyone heads to the after party, with Victoria hoping to get the group date rose and show everyone who is queen.


Anna is with Matt and is mad when Brittany comes up for her own time with him. She and Victoria talk trash on her, with Anna saying she HEARD RUMORS that Brittany entertains men for money. She MIGHT be an escort and MIGHT have transactional relationships. It is only hearsay and stuff she heard on social media. REALLY? REALLY? This is like high school when someone says someone else was sleeping around when they were really just friends with the other person or tutoring them or something. Also, how did anyone even know Anna and Brittany were on the show? Isn’t that confidential?




Bri gets the rose and Matt says goodnight.


Anna brings up the escort rumors to Brittany, who says it isn’t even true. In fact, she only had one boyfriend since she was sixteen. She says this is hard and Victoria tells her she could leave. Ryan feels bad for Brittany because Anna is trying to start things. She thinks it is disgusting and can really hurt her.


However, the other girls hear the rumors and bring their own feelings to the table.


Michelle gets the one on one, which excites her and upsets the other girls. Their date consists of ziplining and a hot air balloon. The other girls spy as the two of them kiss. They are unhappy and do not hold back in letting it be known.

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Later on, the two of them talk about meeting, their day together and she shares how she hopes to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. They also discuss MLB, George Floyd and her hope for the next generation.


She gets a rose and they kiss.


Brittany talks to Katie about the rumors. Katie says there are no secrets in the house, but she is sympathetic and caring about the situation.


Group date 2! Katie, Pieper, Serena P, Rachael, Kit, Chelsea, Jessenia, Lauren, Serena C and MJ are on this date. They will be fighting in front of a live studio audience, aka the other girls, because….COVID.


The date is basically the girls boxing in pairs, the female version of Tayshia’s date last season, if you will.


Afterward, he spends time with each girl on the date, talking to them and kissing them. While this is all going on, Katie continues to defend the new girls, while the other girls continue to complain. Katie tells Matt what is going on and he is determined to not only get to the bottom of it, but find out who doing the bullying. We will find out next week how it all ends. Stay tuned!



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