The Bachelor Recap for 1/18/21: Steamy Stories and a Shocking Departure

The Bachelor Recap for 1/18/21: Steamy Stories and a Shocking Departure
The Bachelor Recap for 1/18/21: Steamy Stories and a Shocking Departure

This episode of ABC’s The Bachelor picks up right where the last one left off, with Sarah passing out and Matt (along with medics) checking in on her. He talks to her, makes sure she is okay and brings her back inside, but not before he gives her his jacket.


Rose Ceremony continued:

Khaylah (girl who came in truck)

Mari (no idea, but she is gorgeous!)

MJ (pizza hairstylist)

Anna (Hannah B clone)

Kalli (no clue, but that dress is cute)


Final Rose Tonight:

Victoria (Queen of Drama)



MaryLynn (girl who got orchids, accused of causing drama)

Illeana (no clue)

Kristin (lawyer)

Alana (no clue)


Victoria wants to go after Sarah now because she thinks she is causing drama and faked her fainting spell. But why would she if she already had a rose?


Group date time!

On date: Rachael, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C, Victoria, Khaylah, Anna, Kalli and Katie…..the clue is today is a surprise for everyone.


The date begins with someone reading some bad romance novel…and the women wondering what is going on. It turns out to be Ashley I, who wants them to write their own erotica. Oh, and apparently Chris Harrison wrote a book? ::goes to google::


The girls have to write their own erotica….and then read it in front of everyone. I am getting secondhand embarrassment listening to this. I think the only printable words were Matt and yes. WOW, just wow. I don’t even think I heard this many censors during the cable version of My Cousin Vinny. WOW. I could never do this kind of thing because all I could think of is everyone I know watching and listening to this.

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At the cocktail party, Matt spends time with the girls, talking, kissing and mingling. Lather, rinse, repeat. It is the usual group date party….until Sarah decides to crash it. The girls are NOT happy at all. Matt, for his part,does his best to reassure her before walking her out. Before she leaves, she apologizes to the girls who were on the date. However, they are not letting her off that easy, calling her out on her behavior. Sarah is now worried about having a target on her back and is called out again by Victoria, who actually seems to be…likable here? Logical?


Rachael gets the group date rose.  Anna is not a happy bunny because she hardly got time with Matt.



One on one: Serena P is on the date with the clue let love lead the way. Matt goes to pick her up and say hi to the other girls when he notices Sarah isn’t there. He goes to find her and then cuddles with her when they talk. He says he has real feelings for her and will prove it to her every day.


The other girls are not happy over this development. When he comes back, they do ask if she is okay and he says that he would do what he did for Sarah for any of them if they felt the same.


Back to Serena P’s date. They enjoy some horseback riding and a picnic with wine, meats and cheeses. They also bond and kiss, only to be interrupted by an ass, and no, it is not one of the resident drama queens, it is an actual donkey. Somehow they end up with a camera and take some selfies.

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Their time together continues on the dinner date, where they continue to bond and tell each other their life stories. The night ends with her getting a rose and them kissing in the water.


The next date card comes when the girls trash Sarah, who is upstairs. However, she emerges right when the card arrives. The girls are not happy, even when Sarah tries to apologize and talks about going home. Victoria tells her this is not the Sarah show and the others pile on, causing an argument.


Sarah decides to leave, even though Katie tells her to stay and see where things go with Matt. However, Sarah ends up breaking down over missing time with her dad, leading to the girls bonding because Katie lost her dad and never got to say goodbye.


Katie tells the others Sarah is leaving and explains that she is dealing with a family issue. Victoria claps (?) and Katie reminds everyone to remain classy because they don’t know each others’ stories.


Sarah goes to talk to Matt and let him know she wants to leave. They cry and cuddle together and he lets her know some guy will be lucky to have her someday. He walks her to the car as she leaves in tears.


More next week, stay tuned.

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