The Bachelor Recap for 2/15/2021: And Then There Were Four

The Bachelor Recap for 2/15/2021: And Then There Were Four

The Bachelor Recap for 2/15/2021: And Then There Were Four

ABC’s The Bachelor opens tonight with the continuation of last week’s episode. Heather arrives to meet Matt, only to find him shocked to see her.  The other girls anything but welcoming. Matt talks to her privately, only to send her back home because it is not fair to the other girls. However, he lets her know Hannah B spoke very highly of her.

Matt fills them in on what is going on, which makes them very happy. They all now have renewed hope in their own journeys.

ROSE CEREMONY: (Pieper and Michelle already have roses)

Bri  (first one on one)

Rachael (Pretty woman date….let’s go with that)

Serena P (the sweeter of the Serenas)

Kit (The fashionista)

Jessenia (the one who gave MJ what for)


Abigail (first impression rose)


Chelsea (the model)

Serena C (the one who was a bit more dramatic)

DATE 1: Serena is on this date, where they do tantric yoga. She is not into it at all, and makes it clear once it is over. Matt admits that he enjoyed it, but is glad she was honest about how she felt. Their conversation continues during dinner and while she continues to be honest, he takes time to listen and appreciate her honesty. She gets a rose and they end the night with ice skating.

Abigail is upset because she has yet to get a one on one and Serena is already on her second. She is even more upset when Jessenia gets the second one on one and she is on another group date. She begins to wonder why she even got the first impression rose in the first place.

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DATE 2: The group date consists of the other girls in the house, minus Jessenia, who is awaiting her one on one. Matt wants them to be completely honest with him about where they are and how they are feeling.

Bri admits she stepped away from her dream job to be with him. He finds that to be very brave and cannot believe she would do something like that for him.

Abigail finally has the chance to talk to Matt, who admits he really isn’t that into her. He sends her home heartbroken and in tears.

After she leaves, Matt tells the other girls what happened, making the other girls worried that they could be next.

Matt continues to talk to the other girls, trying to find out where they stand on everything and what they see in the future. They each share what is important to them and where they see Matt fitting into that future.

Rachael gets the group date rose and special alone time with Matt. Aloe Blacc sings while they share a dance.

The other girls leave, with Kit being especially upset. After he goes back to his room, she knocks on his door to share her feelings. She realizes that they are not on the same page and ends up leaving in tears, hoping that she made the right decision for herself and her future.

DATE 3: Jessenia and Matt do some sort of racing date that looks all kinds of dangerous. They both seem to have fun, despite being called maniacs by the guy in charge.

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Later on, they continue to talk about their relationship and where they see things going. However, they see that they are on different pages and he sends her home without a rose, just one week shy of hometowns.


Serena and Rachael both have roses.

Bri (gave up her job for him)


Michelle (the last of the late arrivals)


Pieper (the one with awesome curls)

Pieper is heartbroken by this turn of events and sobs in the car, saying her entire soul has been stomped on.

Hometowns next week! Stay tuned!

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