Big Brother 23 Recap for July 15, 2021: Who Was Evicted First?

Big Brother 23 Recap for July 15, 2021: Who Was Evicted First?

Big Brother 23 Recap for July 15, 2021: Who Was Evicted First?

Tonight is the first live eviction on CBS’s Big Brother 23. It is between Alyssa and Travis, thanks to Derek X taking Kyland off the block.

Julie Chen Moonves gives a quick recap of what happened in the house that week before we learn that Frenchie is happy that his plan of getting rid of a meathead might be working.

However, Travis says that if Frenchie brings him down, he will take him right along with him….by letting people know how he is talking out of both sides of his mouth.

On the other side of the house, Xavier and Christian assure Alyssa she is safe.


Frenchie forms an alliance called the Slaughterhouse, which consists of him, Whitney, Xavier, Kyland and Big D. It has always been Frenchie’s dream to be in the BB House with an alliance called Slaughterhouse. Well, mission accomplished, dude?

He also has an alliance with Tiffany, Azah, Hannah and Claire called the French Kisses, but they are only pretending to go along with it for now.

Oh, and Frenchie is the new F-word in the house.

Travis campaigns for votes in the house by giving Kyland a birthday lap dance and by promising to be Frenchie’s right hand man.


Big Brother 23 Recap for July 15, 2021: Who Was Evicted First?



Eviction time! Before we get to the votes, Alyssa and Travis both state their cases as to why they should stay. Travis does his best Magic Mike impression because showing off those abs should keep him in the house?

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Sarah Beth votes to evict Travis.

Xavier votes to evict Travis.

Whitney votes to evict Travis.

Christian votes to evict Travis.

Azah votes to evict Travis.

Big D votes to evict Alyssa.

Kyland votes to evict Travis.

Tiffany votes to evict Alyssa.

Derek votes to evict Travis.

Claire votes to evict Travis.

Hannah votes to evict Travis.

Britni votes to evict Travis.

Brent votes to evict Travis.

In an 11-2 vote, Travis is voted out of the house. He gets hugs from everyone in the house before going to talk to Julie.

Travis says he had a feeling he was going to go home and talks about what he would have done differently. He quips that the white guy with the abs is always gone first and I have no clue what to do with that information.

Oh, and he gets called out for blowing up Frenchie’s game before he came out.

Julie shows him his goodbye videos before he leaves the house for good.


HOH competition! After some technical difficulties, we get back to business. It is a golfing-type game where they need to shoot the ball into the shark’s mouth. They choose a number at random, which determines the difficulty of the shot. Whomever gets the shot in with the highest number wins.


Everyone seems to stink at the game. Only Brent and Kyland get the balls in, with Kyland winning HOH on his birthday!


More Sunday, stay tuned!

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